When a challenge arises, what is the first thing you find yourself doing?

How do you study for a big exam?

What role do you usually take when working in a team?

What type of company do you want to work for?

When you watch the show Shark Tank, you…

What Type of ENTR Course Are You?

You love to engage in the fun of building. From 3D Printing, to Apps and Virtual Reality, our design courses will train you in problem identification and problem-solving methods while helping you develop practical building skills in a specific digital, physical, or hybrid platform. Explore our course offerings at cfe.umich.edu/courses

You hear the word Entrepreneurship floating around campus and you’re not sure what it means, but you want to learn more! Our intro classes are a perfect gateway into Entrepreneurship. Learn the steps of venture creation and venture capital, explore tools like the business model canvas, and learn about founding, financing and managing a startup venture from influential and respected entrepreneurs. Explore our course offerings at cfe.umich.edu/courses

You want to learn basic strategies for protecting your intellectual property - without going to law school. Our legal classes are taught by practicing attorneys, and you’ll learn the fundamentals of IP strategy - from protecting inventions during product development to leveraging patents as business assets, and everything in between. Explore our course offerings at cfe.umich.edu/courses
Team Building

You know what makes a great company - the team, the team, the team. In these classes you’ll explore how to identify your own values and leadership style, and how to build a complementary team to support it. Learn about emotional intelligence and how to better communicate with others. Discover how team dynamics work in startups and established companies and understand the key factors that enhance or diminish the likelihood of success. Explore our course offerings at cfe.umich.edu/courses

You want to make an impact by moving technology from the lab to the outside world. Are you curious about why technology has value, and to whom? Want to build connections with real-world companies while you’re still here at U-M? Our tech classes give you hands-on experience working with cutting-edge technology and understanding how successful companies leverage it to generate revenue. Explore our course offerings at cfe.umich.edu/courses
Venture Creation

You’ve dreamed about being on Shark Tank. Have a side hustle that you want to grow or an idea you want to test out? Our classes in Venture Creation will take you through how to critically evaluate, then pursue the development of your own ideas for new ventures by working closely with entrepreneurship faculty and mentors. Explore our course offerings at cfe.umich.edu/courses