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What is The Center for Entrepreneurship?

What we do:

The mission of The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) is to empower the entrepreneurial spirit of The University of Michigan College of Engineering to drive the impact of innovation in the State of Michigan, the Nation and in the global economy.

The CFE provides active learning experiences to all students and faculty at The University through classes and programs that are designed to teach the skills needed to successfully translate high-potential projects and ideas into the world. In learning these skills, individuals become better prepared to identify and act on opportunities to solve problems in any organization, or entrepreneurial endeavor.

Who we serve:



Faculty and Researchers

No matter your passion, interests, previous entrepreneurial experiences or ambitions, the CFE has specialized opportunities that will expose you to new ways of thinking and support your unique goals. Since its inception in 2008, The Center has developed a rich and diverse set of offerings that cater first to the needs of the students and faculty at The University. Just like a startup, it continues to evolve and grow to meet the increasing demand for entrepreneurial curriculum and experiences.

The end goal: 

Transform students, faculty and researchers into entrepreneurial thinkers and doers. Why? Because it will increase their ability to make a significant impact in whatever career path they pursue.