Spooky Halloween Manor with Bats and a U-M Flag at the top

This Halloween season, we wondered what CFE courses classic monsters, ghouls and out-of-this-world beings would enroll in to help them succeed in the ventures and mayhem they create. Take a look and see if one might be the “fright” fit for your Winter 2021 semester:

Business Suit Wearing Dracula


Count Dracula
Org Values and Ethics in Startups 
ENTR 390.050/599.050

Values and ethics are things the Count lacks even after centuries, so he needs all the help he can get, especially before he starts looking for new “members” to join his “team.”






The Phantom of the Opera and Frankenstein Listening to Medusa Present in a conference room


Phantom of the Opera
E-HOUR and E-Hour Discussion
ENTR 407 and 417

A natural fit for someone who has spent years in the wings and just off stage, the Phantom is able to hear great stories of triumph and failures from various entrepreneurs and even ask questions after in the discussion session.






Wolfman Overlooking Company Organizational Chart




Org Management in Startups
ENTR 490.012

He strives to be the leader of his pack but needs to gain the necessary skills. That’s why the Wolfman is taking this course that teaches fundamentals of establishing and promoting a high-performing culture while learning best practices in recruiting for, motivating and leading an organization.







Bride of Frankenstein Working On Laptop with Wedding Dresses Behind Her

Bride of Frankenstein

ENTR 390.011/599.311

As most brides know, weddings cost a lot, so why not get into the game herself by starting an online business? First she’ll need to wrestle with the fundamentals of selling consumer products to the right customer without pulling her hair out in the process.




Creature From The Black Lagoon Showing Off Money Investment App



Creature From The Black Lagoon
Intro to Venture Capital
ENTR 409/599.409

Swamps get cold in the winter, so like a snowbird, the Creature heads to warmer weather seeking to invest his swamp egg – but he needs to learn just how.





Female Mummy Engineering On A Computer


ENTR 411

While she may have been buried in a marvel of engineering and spent the last several centuries disintegrating, the mummy thinks it’s time to start building something of her own.






Frankenstein and Invisible Man Sitting at Table Chatting


Interpersonal Skills
ENTR 550

We could all learn a little bit more about communication, the importance of listening (not just hearing), and how to articulate our thoughts and feelings – so imagine how Frankenstein feels being created just yesterday.






Phantom of the Opera and a Ghost Discussing Business Over Zoom

Compensation, Funding, and Ownership
ENTR 510

Not looking to get “ghosted” at their own company, this ghost is looking to find out if it should be investor-owned or employee-owned. Going over all the figures is going to be the death of them!






Blue Alien Working On Graphs and Charts for Patents


Alien From Outer Space
Patent Law
ENTR 408.002/599.862

He plans to bring his space-age technology to earth, but wants to protect his inventions. He’ll need to learn the fundamentals of intellectual property and be able to identify patentable ideas, possible infringement issues, and create an IP strategy.






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