A Navy Veteran and long-time University of Michigan faculty member with deep ties to the university was recently sworn in as the Michigan Selective Service State Director. 

Dr. Eric Fretz was nominated for the position by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and appointed by U.S. Selective Service Director Donald M. Benton, and was sworn in by Brigadier General Larry Schloegl, the Assistant Adjutant General, and Selective Service Region I Director, Thomas J. Kenney in a ceremony June 19.

In this role he will act as liaison between the Selective Service System and the governor’s office. He will represent the Governor and the Selective Service Director regarding agency matters in Michigan.

“I am truly honored to serve as the State Director for the Selective Service System,” Fretz said. “It is a privilege to serve my country and the great state of Michigan.

“I will work toward improving our registration rates and increasing local board membership in Michigan. Registration is important to our Nation – it is a civic duty and it’s the law. It also conveys numerous benefits to individuals who register and to the nation.”

Fretz is a three-time graduate of the University of Michigan and a faculty lecturer who creates and delivers classes across campus for the College of Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship, LSA’s Department of Psychology, and, U-M School of Education. He also steadfastly contributes to the University’s Minor in Entrepreneurship that is managed by Innovate Blue. Eric is an annual nominee for Michigan’s Golden Apple Award and serves summer projects with U-M’s William Davidson Institute. He is committee chair for Michigan’s Officer Education Program and delivers academic readiness classes for student veterans at U-M and other institutions locally and nationwide.

“As a military family and as a lifelong educator myself, I am thrilled to see Eric appointed in this statewide role,” said Christine Gordon, CFE Curriculum and Experiential Learning Assistant Director.

Born and raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., he moved to Michigan to attend U-M. While earning his undergraduate, graduate, and Doctorate degrees in psychology he began his Navy career that spanned nearly 30 years, with numerous Active Duty deployments and Reserve assignments.

“Eric has served our country and students for all of his professional life. His dedicated community service spans all ages,” Gordon said. “He is the epitome of meaningful engagement.”

Recognizing that student veterans bring unique and valuable perspectives to the university experience, Fretz serves as a Mentor to U-M student veterans. His additional volunteer roles include Washtenaw County Veteran Treatment Court as Mentor Program Director, and Founder/President of two 501c3 Veteran charities, the Editorial Board of the Journal Of Veteran Studies, and Chair of the State of Michigan’s Region 9 Veterans Community Action Team.

Teaching at U-M since 2001, he draws extensively on his experiences in leadership and team dynamics to frame discussions of individuals characteristics/differences and how to build and sustain teams that perform at a high level.