By Kate Toporski, CFE Content Development Intern


As said by Flint Mayor, Dr. Karen Weaver, “Flint is a city poised and ready for transformation; a city committed to reinventing itself by building upon its rich history, strong character, resilience, and enduring work ethic.”

And CFE would have to agree.

The birthplace of General Motors. Home to the Auto Industry’s unionization. An up-and-coming pinnacle of transformation and innovation.

Flint is the future of Michigan.

With the future at our fingertips, CFE has partnered with the Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium and the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative to bring you the 2016 Urban Infrastructure Challenge. The city of Flint is on the hunt for an inspired team or individual to find a smart solution in either transportation, infrastructure, tele-communications, or civil engagement.

Your idea alone could win you $2,500 in cash and provide Flint with a game-plan to channel their resilience into a project that could change the lives of their nearly 100,000 residents.

Ready for transformation, you say? Strong character and work ethic? Let’s check out Three Reasons that Flint is Michigan’s Most Resilient City:


  • The Community and Cultureflint_community_garden-attachment
    • Flint’s commitment to community is astounding. From turning empty lots into communal gardens to providing educational
      and cultural experiences for their residents, Flint is booming with culture and community. Flint thrives off of it’s diverse cultures that come from all over Michigan, the country, and the world! Whether you’re looking for some of the best BBQ in the state or a place to roller derby, this city is the place for you. Museums, cultural centers, art, and river trails galore! Stop by Vehicle City to see the latest in art, culture, and of course– everyone’s favorite Coney Island Hotdog!



  • The Industry
    • Booming with innovation and bursting with industrial power- Flint is the home to HUGE industries such as lumber, trapping, automobiles, and even war materials! Flint has been identified as a key part of the production of tanks. The
      city’s involvement in such heavy industrial productions have been fervent since World War II. These industries become more and more developed each day.



  • The People
    • While industry is booming and communities are growing within the city, maxresdefault-attachmentthe people of Flint are what makes it Michigan’s most resilient city. Fighting through financial hardships, a continuing water crisis, and ongoing disparities with job security, the people of Flint are standing tall and making changes to benefit their
      community and their future. You won’t
      meet people with bigger fight, bigger hearts, or bigger drive. This community, this population will take your city to a level unknown to current innovators and entrepreneurs.


It’s clear to see- Flint is driven by its thriving culture, booming industry, and amazing citizens. This city is open for innovation– will you take the reigns?

If you’re intrigued by the city of Flint, the resilience of their people, and the potential for innovation of untapped industrial and civic power, submit your idea TODAY to the 2016 Urban Infrastructure Challenge! Find out more information about the upcoming challenge, symposium, and initiatives here.