Join us Friday, February 12 at 12:30 pm in Stamps Auditorium on North Campus for the second round of The Startup.

ALL students, faculty, staff and community are welcome! Not only does it “boost” the teams to get audience support during the competition, but you’ll also get to be a part of the judging. Audience will get to vote in all future rounds to determine who stays, and who goes, as student ventures compete to become Michigan’s next best startup.

NOTE: If you are NOT enrolled in Entrepreneurship Hour (ENTR 407) and are attending as a guest, please use the black stairs located in the Stamps Auditorium Lobby to enter the auditorium via the second level. 

Students enrolled in the class must enter through either side door to the auditorium on the main level to capture attendance. 


Watch 15 startups get selected to be on mentor teams in Round 1 here! 

The Startup Round 1 Advancing Ventures:
Ohmer – Skillet
Margaret Dowling (Public Heath), Lily Hamburger (MBA, Ross), Abigail Schachter (Public Health): Skillet creates grab-and-go dinner kits to make healthy home cooking accessible and convenient for all.
Ohmer – WagePit
Kyle Zappitell (LS&A, undeclared undergraduate): Wage Pit is a simply destined website that allows league of legends players to add a new dimension to their gaming in the form of wagers.
Ohmer – ImMaze
Walker McHugh (graduate) , Caroline Landau (Bio-Medical Engineering): ImMaze is a precision medicine diagnostic company – our first product MicroKine.
Ohmer – MSell
Tristan MacKethan (Mechanical Engineering, undergrad), Kelly Hall (LS&A Psychology, undergrad), Kevin Kolstad (Civil Engineering, undergrad), Tess Korten (International Studies, Entr Minor, undergrad): MSell is looking to form the optimal online student market place to sell items such as tickets, furniture, etc.
Ufer – Neurable
Ramses Alcaide (PhD candidate, Neuroscience), Dr. Xiaoya Ma, Max Jacobson. Brandon Hodges: Neurable has created the first low-cost, non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) that allows for never before seen real-time control of devices such as cars, wheelchairs, tv’s and video games.
Ufer – Articulate Books
Eric Aleman (LS&A, Math and Entr Minor, undergrad),  Maya Crosman (Art & Design, PIE, undergrad), Kate Toporski, Roland Gainer, Emily Richner, Alexis Brown: Articulate Books helps businesses with their written content marketing strategies while utilizing market data.
Ufer – AOE Med
Arianna Carley (Mechanical Engineering, Entr Minor, undergrad), Eliyahu Fox, Darren Cheng (Mechanical Engineering, undergrad), Christina Tang (Bio-Molecular Science, undergrad), Brandon Boot (Industrial & Oper Engineering, undergrad), Lily Hochman (LS&A Sociology, undergrad), Annie Chen (LS&A Economics, undergrad): AOE Med is a medical device company focusing on solving the problems with patient transfer within care facilities.
Ufer – AIMtech
Stephen John (Medical Student),  Joseph Barnett, Peter Gustafson: The NeoVent is a one-connection add-on that transforms a low-tech infant respiratory device into one that provides the additional benefits of a pressure ventilator at a fraction of the cost.
Cohen – Maite Iribarren
Maite Iribarren (Art & Design/Engineering , undergrad): Maite Iribarren is a collection of jewelry pieces that represent playful mechanisms serving an entertaining as well as accessorizing purpose.
Cohen – Trapped Note
Duncan Abbot, Tyler Grinn (LS&A Physics, undergrad), Evan Heugel (Electrical Engineering, undergrad), Robert Stefanski (LS&A English, undergrad): Trapped Note is creating the first open world virtual reality game for the mobile platform.
Cohen – D-code
Sophie Shufer (LS&A International Studies, Entr Minor, undergrad): D-code is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free tech classes to marginalized Detroit locals.
Fortino – Woodside Distributors
Danny Sheridan (BBA), Alex Glassman (BBA), Mitchell Kasselman (BBA), Rami Kadouh, Danielle Mileto, Ananya Shah, Deep Singhvi, Pierre de Smet, Bailey Tuczak, Jarrell Ku, Shaleen Goel: Woodside Distributors is a national provider of hardware, home improvement, and many other high sales volume products for contractors and consumers.
Fortino – Argo
Andrea Kopitz (LS&A Undeclared, undergrad) , Dania Abdulhamid (LS&A Computer Science, undergrad): Argo creates an opportunity for students to meet someone new for coffee- the catch is you don’t know who you’re meeting until you get there.
Fortino – ValetHound
Anjana Rajagopal, Hunter Sonn, Nathan Moos, Yossie Rosenstein (All Computer Science Engineering, undergrad): ValetHound is an intuitive, hardware free and easy to use enterprise solution to Valet Parking.
Fortino – Bellies Up
Zilin Zhou (LS&A Undeclared, undergrad): Bellies Up produces a combination of customized pocket t-shirt and 3D designed bottle opener which opens with a cool hook instead of a hole.