Blog post by ELP Student Wyatt Dudgeon (Business Administration | Class of 2021)


Startups can impact a lot of aspects in society. They can become huge corporations that ingrain themselves in our daily lives like Amazon or Apple. But, we sometimes neglect to recognise the change brought by startups. The kind of change that can be seen in parts of Detroit.


Startups Are Changing the Perception of Downtown Detroit


Luckily, this summer I have attended many conferences with Techstars Mobility. I have been able to see the hopeful future of Detroit’s blossoming business and technology sector. I was able to hear that more and more people are moving back to Midtown and Downtown. But many wonder why?


I am sure Detroit’s growing startup ecosystem is at least one of the reasons for this amazing change. For starters, hundreds of startups were founded or relocated to Detroit this past year. Their presence is changing the city. They bring new exciting ideas and technologies poised to revolutionize society. Thus, bringing more capital and growth to Detroit’s recovering economy. Moreover, startup accelerators are helping build a communities of entrepreneurs by starting programs that are inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to take a shot at their dreams. One of these programs is Detroit startup week that saw over 10,000 attendees this year alone. Thus, changing the perception of Detroit’s once destitute downtown area into a beacon of hope filled with new, innovative businesses!


People Are More Interested In the City Than Ever


To prove such perception is changing, recently, a young highschool student approached me. He called me to learn about the blossoming startup scene in Detroit.


I did not know him, but he knew that I worked for many Detroit startups in the past. After talking to him on the phone I wanted to see how passionate he was in person. So, I invited him to a Detroit Startup Happy Hour. An event where hundreds of Detroit entrepreneurs network at a renowned startup accelerator. I saw first hand how passionate this student was. But, I soon learned he wasn’t the only one. Many more contacted me wondering about how to get involved in the growing startup scene of Detroit. I am seeing how people are becoming more interested in Detroit.


I cannot tell you how exciting this is. Innovative startups are a driving change in Detroit culture. Young highschool and college students are becoming more hopeful. They are rising from Detroit’s ashes and reaching for the stars because of startups. Even though Detroit has a long way to go, the future looks promising for Detroit if the people of Detroit can keep innovativing and dreaming!

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