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TechLab at Mcity

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TechLab at Mcity is a Company-in-Residence program (company-sponsored technical projects housed at Mcity and the Ann Arbor campus) for early-stage advanced mobility companies in the connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) industry through the work of elite and technically-skilled students. 

2020 Cohort Teams


Rakshita Gouni
Computer Science | Class of 2021


James Boyce
Electrical Engineering | Class of 2020

Anikeit Chanda - Final

Anikeit Chanda
Computer Science | Class of 2021

Yu-Chian_Tsai 02

Yu-Chian Tsai
Computer Science | Class of 2021

Matthew Johnson-Roberson - Team Mentor
Co-Founder and CEO | Refraction AI

Justin Storms - Team Mentor
Robotics Engineer| Refraction AI

All Weather Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles

The student team is working to improve the performance of Refraction AI's visual SLAM system at dusk and low light. This will include working with Refraction's engineering team to evaluate the current sensor suite and lighting hardware on the vehicle.


Shubhang Krishna
Computer Science | Class of 2021


Elliot Klein
Computer Science | Class of 2023


Neil Gurnani
Data Science | Class of 2022

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Mansi Bhatt
Industrial and Operations Engineering | Class of 2020

Raunaq Bose - Team Mentor
Co-Founder and CTO | Humanising Autonomy

Predicting Human Behavior from Visual Camera Footage

This student team is applying the proprietary perception software and logic to detect and classify vehicle-pedestrian interactions with understudied populations such as pedestrians with disabilities.


Gregory Su
Computer Science| Class of 2021

William Cooley

William Cooley
Computer Science| Class of 2022

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Ryan Hamby
Electrical Engineering | Class of 2022

Yu Chun

Yu Chun Kuo
Mechanical Engineering | Class of 2021

Lawyer Vaughn Jr. - Team Mentor
Autonomous Vehicle Product/Infrastructure Tester | May Mobility

Eric Savage - Team Mentor
Test Engineer | May Mobility

Deploying Fully Autonomous Shuttles

May Mobility recently purchased a RC-Dummy that is planned to be repurposed for automobility testing. The student team is continuing the efforts started last year working on a robotics product that is already professional grade, but will be doing modifications to it to suit May Mobility. At the end of this project the team will have designed and built a mobile test platform that can be used in AV related tests. 


Bowen Dong
Computer Science | Class of 2021


Ken Zhang
Computer Science | Class of 2021


Aniket Wankhede
Computer Science| Class of 2020

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Haoxuan Liu
Computer Science| Class of 2022

Lucas McKenna - Team Mentor
Senior Engineer | Point One Navigation

Precise Location Services

This student team will work on software automation tools to more efficiently produce accurate maps of urban canyons.


Ben Finkelstein
Computer Engineering | Class of 2021


Pranav Chaudhary
Computer Science | Class of 2022


Prathit Shukla
Computer Science | Class of 2021

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Nuzhat Tabassu
Computer Science | Class of 2022

Brian Pilnick - Team Mentor
North American Product Lead | Innoviz

LiDAR Remote Sensing Solutions

This student team will be working with the world-leading solid state Innoviz LiDAR to create smart intersections by introducing vehicle to infrastructure communications.


Anusha Kikkeri
Electrical Engineering | Class of 2020


Gillian Minnehan
Computer Engineering | Class of 2021

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Boyang Xu
Computer Science | Class of 2020

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Max McLoughlin
Computer Science | Class of 2022

David Han - Team Mentor
Managing Director | Seoul Robotics

Han Bin Lee - Team Mentor
CEO | Seoul Robotics

Smart Intersections Using LiDAR Software

This student team will be developing smart intersections by using the novel Seoul Robotics LiDAR software to develop pedestrian to infrastructure communications.

Get Involved


All events will be virtual. To receive the Zoom links for the events, please RSVP.

We encourage applicants to demonstrate an active interest in our program through attending events in addition to submitting an application. 

Our signature event will look a little different this year! The Innovation Challenge will be an entrepreneurial game that challenges participants to develop a solution to a current societal problem such as sustainability or big data. Even better, teams will have a chance to pitch their idea to 3-4 expert judges. Students can sign up as a team of 4 or on their own and will get a chance to learn more about how to further your entrepreneurial career through our CFE Fellowship Programs (ELP, TechLab at Mcity, and TechLab Climate Change). 

We can’t promise it’ll be easy, but it’ll be one of the most fun recruitment events of the season!

Innovation Challenge | Virtual | 9/30 |4:30-7:30 p.m. | RSVP here to receive the Zoom link

This is your opportunity to ask TechLab staff and instructors anything and everything! During this info session, we’ll go deeper into program specifics and have you leave with a better understanding of how TechLab Climate Change and TechLab at Mcity can help you with your entrepreneurial career goals.

TechLab Programs Info Session | Virtual | 10/8 | 4:30 – 6 p.m. | RSVP here to receive the Zoom link

Join us for an event that features a panel of four or five of our many fierce and determined female fellowship students as they talk about their entrepreneurial paths at U-M and how the fellowship programs were the needed advantage for making them stand out among the crowd. Following the panel, we will have an interactive consulting session with fellowship women working on cool ventures/projects.

Women in ENTRepreneurship Panel | Virtual | 9/24 | 5-6:30 p.m. | RSVP here to receive the Zoom link

ADASTEC (San Francisco, USA and Istanbul, Turkey) – ADASTEC delivers the most advanced Level 4 automation platform for full-size buses and coaches, designed for large scale public transport along predefined routes on public roads. This project is working on the transit platforms that will deliver the future of widely available, autonomous, public transportation in the US.

Deepen AI (Santa Clara, USA) – Deepen AI provides tools and services for data curation, labeling, and validation. Deepen’s software suite leverages artificial intelligence to help autonomous systems reliably understand the world down to the pixel or point level, and safely interact with it. This cohort’s project will have students working to bridge the gap between real world vehicles’ sensor data and simulated scenarios.

DeepMap (Palo Alto, USA, Beijing and Guangzhou, China) – Founded by veterans of Google Maps and Apple Maps, DeepMap is the leading company building HD mapping capabilities for autonomous vehicles, developing maps within centimeter-level accuracy. The student team will lead the creation of HD maps of Mcity, Ann Arbor, and potentially other areas of Michigan. Tasks will include data collection, data processing, and localization and change detection.

Point One Navigation (San Francisco, USA) – Point One Navigation provides Precise Location as a Service, specifically tailored for autonomous systems including self driving vehicles, commercial drones and other robotic applications where robust and high integrity localization is required. This semester the student team will focus on development of a map database that can be queried in real-time by AVs in the field, particularly fleet services. These maps will include 3D features and will also be updated by vehicles on the road.

Seoul Robotics (Seoul, South Korea and Ann Arbor, USA) – Seoul Robotics builds advanced Lidar perception software powered by deep learning for CAV’s and smart infrastructure. Students will lead the development of an automated parking system utilizing Seoul Robotics core software and Lidar at Mcity and partnering with a parking infrastructure OEM.


ENTR 390. 013 | Tues. 4-6PM, 1690 Beyster

TechLab students experience entrepreneurship while working in the emerging industry of connected and autonomous vehicle industry (CAV). We are looking for the most driven, passionate and talented students to join this program.


  • Tackle industry challenges through CAV technical projects as part of the 1-year fellowship program (Winter-Fall; 3 credits/semester)  
  • Gain experience developing new technologies at an early-stage startup
  • Receive mentorship from industry experts, fellow students, and U-M faculty across multiple disciplines
  • Attend lectures from faculty and industry partners on topics such as business models and project management
  • Obtain leadership and collaboration skills while completing a sponsored company project with other driven and passionate classmates



Partnering companies lead entrepreneurial innovation while leveraging elite and technically-skilled U-M student teams who work to tackle company-sponsored technical projects. This Company-in-Residence program is for early-stage advanced mobility companies in the connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) industry.


  • Work on your proposed year-long project with a small team of top-tiered talented student interns
  • Receive access to the Mcity Test Facility–the nation’s leading mobility research and urban test facility on U-M’s North Campus
  • Gain connections with U-M faculty and industry experts
  • Leverage the close proximity to Detroit, the birthplace of mobility


We have several suggested, but not required, skills and courses to successfully complete company sponsored projects. They are: Robotics, Mechatronics (Design, CAD, and machine shop skills), ability to code in C, Python, or C++, machine vision, machine learning, AI focus, mobile software development. The suggested courses are: ME 250, ME 350, and ME 450, EECS 442, 453, 445, 461, 463, other 400+, and courses in computer vision, robotics, and sensor fusion.

TechLab is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.

Due to the highly competitive nature of the program, if you are not accepted, we recommend reapplying the following year. Depending on the technical experience that a student has, an incoming freshman could be selected to participate.

TechLab at Mcity is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Students should speak with their advisor to ensure it fits within their program.

In order to participate, you must be able to commit to two semesters – Winter & Fall.

Students are required to attend a lecture class every week. Class serves two purposes (1) Receive lectures from faculty on topics like business model and project management (2) Present weekly updates and ask for guidance relating to project roadblocks

To fit with U-M guidelines of 2-3 hours of work per credit hour, this course will require 8-10 hours outside of class.

Only selected students will be contacted via email.

Student teams have an hour-long weekly Skype or Google Hangout call with the company they are matched with. At different points during the year company leads may travel to Ann Arbor to work with students.

3 general elective credits per semester. You must be eligible to receive all 3 credits.


*Note: EECS students can use this course as a flexible technical credit. We are working to get this approved among other CoE departments. 


Upon being accepted into the incubator program, companies are paired with a team of 3-4 U-M students. As a part of TechLab, you also receive access to Mcity’s Open CAV program, the Mcity Test Facility– the nation’s leading mobility research and urban test facility on U-M’s North Campus, and additional resources as needed.

We are looking for early-stage technology companies in the autonomous and connected vehicle industry. The typical TechLab company is one that has already raised > $5M dollars and has more than 15 employees. This guarantees that we are working with globally leading companies that are well on their way and have the management capability to oversee and contribute to projects in a substantial way.

All companies are required to submit a proposal. If you are interested in being considered for this incubator program, please email techlab-mcity@umich.edu.

Existing intellectual property of technology startups, and any IP developed using the U-M facilities, will be strictly protected and remain with your company. All students are required to sign a NDA.

Alumni Companies

Civil Maps
San Francisco, CA

Fall 2016 - Winter 2017

Detroit, MI

Fall 2017 - Fall 2018

Villeurbanne, France

Fall 2016 - Winter 2017

San Francisco, CA

Fall 2017 - Winter 2018

Portland, OR and Ann Arbor, MI

Fall 2016 - Fall 2018

New York City, NY

Fall 2017 - Winter 2019

Trillium Secure, Inc. 
Sunnyvale, CA

Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

RightHook, Inc. 
San Jose, CA

Fall 2018 - Winter 2019

TechLab Instructors

Doug Moore

Eric Wingfield

TechLab Staff

Nick Moroz
Program Director

Emilee Studley
Program Specialist

Greg McGuire
Lab Director - Mcity

TechLab is managed by U-M Center for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with Mcity.

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