TechArb, the student venture accelerator at the University of Michigan, announced its next cohort of entrepreneurs to take part in their esteemed, semester-long mentorship program.

With a total of 16 undergraduate and graduate students representing eight separate schools and colleges, the Winter 2018 cohort was another highly competitive round and truly captures the best Michigan has to offer.

The program is a joint enterprise with the College of Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship and the Stephen Ross School of Business’s Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies.

Throughout the semester, the student ventures will receive seasoned mentorship from entrepreneurial leaders in the Bay or Michigan areas. Ventures are also equipped with access to vital resources, including free legal counsel and design clinics with the opportunity to attend workshops and networking events with industry leaders.

As a part of the fellowship, ventures also have the opportunity to travel the country to tour startup ecosystems and meet leaders in the industry. Later this month, the TechArb fellows will take part in the one-week Northeast Entrepreneurship Trek, meeting with local startups and networking with entrepreneurs in Washington D.C. and New York City.

Meet the ventures:


Canopy provides a web application that helps people talk about and make end-of-life healthcare decisions, and then share those decisions through a legal document with loved ones and medical providers. Canopy is committed to ensuring that people from all walks of life have the tools they need today to better prepare for the difficulties of tomorrow.

Co-founders: Brandon Keelean, Ann Duong and Elisabeth Michel

Energy Retrofit Marketplace

Energy Retrofit Marketplace is an online platform that connects property owners to independent contractors in order to help facilitate the installation of energy efficiency retrofits.

Co-founders: Eric Crostich and Aidan O’Connor

Fish & Plants

Fish & Plants is a company focused on developing aquaponics, a sustainable agricultural farming method, to become more user-friendly and more easily implementable within any setting.

Co-founders: Eric Li and Janis Lai

Food Finder

FoodFinder is a non-profit organization that uses a website and mobile app to help food insecure families get accurate information on their nearest food assistance programs.

Founder: Jack Griffin

Green Book

Green Book is a mobile/web-based platform that connects socially conscious restaurant goers with delicious, inclusive eateries.

Co-founders: Rajisa Omar and Mariam Jalloul

Pedal Cell

PedalCell creates novel bike-powered phone chargers for the bike share industry.The technology encourages people to adopt green behavioral shifts, which when tallied together, creates massive impact and inspires sustainable mindsets for cyclists around the globe.

Co-founders: Adam Hokin and Anna Bianchi

3 Peas

3 Peas is a food for health platform that connects individuals with chronic conditions to nutritionists and grocery stores making it easy to plan, purchase and prepare healthy meals.

Co-founders: John Barbour, Sarah Rubin and Natalie Manitius


Quirk crafts small batch, locally made drinking vinegars from quirky fruit. They source fresh, delicious fruit that would normally not make it to stores based on their appearance.

Founder: Kiley Judge

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