This fall, over 130 students interested in learning more about what entrepreneurship is, how it affects communities, and what they could expect should they choose an entrepreneurial career path, visited several startup ecosystems (locally and nationally) to do just that. From Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids and Detroit to San Francisco, CFE students spoke with founders, investors, and alumni to experience what starting your own company could be like and its impact (again locally and nationally). These treks are a great opportunity for students to explore a possible passion for entrepreneurship and ask questions of faculty and staff if certain ENTR courses would be right for them.

With deep appreciation for students’ discovery that happened owing to the efforts of CFE’s FA19 Trek Hosts:
  • Detroit:  Good Cakes and Bakes, Fitzgerald Neighborhood Revitalization, Shinola, SpaceLab Detroit, and, N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art
  • Grand Rapids:  Tekton Tools, MOVE Systems, StartGarden, Seamless Accelerator, Faurecia, and, Steelcase New Business Innovation
  • Ann Arbor:  Menlo Innovations, Barracuda Networks, Ann Arbor SPARK (including 24 SPARK tenants and incubator ventures), Cahoots, Clinc, Nickels, ShapeLog, MySwim Pro, and, GitLab
  • San Francisco: Carta, Sila Nanotechnologies, Twilio, Compology, Ripple, Iris Automation, Jeff Schox and Trucks VC

Here are just a few photos taken on those various treks. Anticipate more treks in 2020! Learn more here.

Fall 2019 Discovery Treks

WUST 2019

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