Brian Hayden

Undergraduate Lecturer

President of HeatSpring Learning Institute, Founder, Campus

Bio: Mr. Hayden is a founder at the Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Evanston based fitness technology company, ShapeLog . Brian focuses on connecting their products with customers through product management, marketing, and sales.

Prior to ShapeLog, Brian was President at HeatSpring, a renewable energy training company he co-founded in 2007 as an MBA student at Babson College. HeatSpring is a community of nearly 60,000 solar, geothermal, and green building providers and was named one of the “Top Social Entrepreneurs” by Business Week Magazine.
During his time at HeatSpring, Mr. Hayden – with the inspiration and help of many friends – started a co-working space in Cambridge, MA. That space remains a touchstone for the values of collaboration and community that Brian tries to share with his students.
Prior to HeatSpring, Brian was a Product Manager at Oregon-based Gray & Company. Prior to Gray & Company he worked as a technology consultant at EY in Detroit and Headstrong in Chicago.
Mr. Hayden received his BBA from the University of Michigan and his MBA from Babson College. He lives in Ann Arbor with his wife Laura and their three children.


Courses Taught: Brian’s course, “Finding Your Venture” takes a unique approach to helping students launch a venture at some point in their career. The course introduces students to b-to-b opportunities that students typically ignore, and prioritizes finding a good customer over having a great idea.

ENTR 410.001 – Finding Your Venture