Founder, ArtPrize; Founder and CEO, Start Garden

Bio: Rick DeVos is an entrepreneur. In 2009, he created ArtPrize, a simple social experiment designed to see if artists and the public could engage each other in a new way. The scale and energy of the event rocketed it into debates all over the art world, in urban planning circles and the global press.

Rick is also Founder and CEO of Start Garden. Start Garden is a unique venture seed fund that invests in very early stage companies on a very frequent basis. These investments are made in such a way as to create and enhance an ecosystem of early stage enterprises, and Start Garden partners deeply with individuals and businesses to access knowledge and resources in service of fueling the growth of its portfolio companies.

Rick graduated from Calvin College in 2004 with a degree in Communications. He lives in Ada with his wife, Melissa, and their daughters, Clara and Sloane. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for ArtPrize, the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship.