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Urban Entrepreneurship Practicum

Learn how to engage a community to identify an important problem and design a sustainable business model that solves it. Whether you’re designing the school lunch of the future or the successor to Uber, you’re in for a challenging and rewarding experience. Throughout the course, the city of Detroit is referenced to further explore practices and policy surrounding urban entrepreneurship.

Learning Objectives: Students will clearly understand the definition of “urban entrepreneurship”, and how urban-focused businesses compare to others;  Learn to effectively analyze and compare the business models of urban-focused ventures;  Engage the community on multiple levels to ascertain and prioritize needs;  Capture an identified community need in a well-defined problem statement;  Understand and apply “design thinking” to formulate potential solutions for the identified problem;  Identify a scalable, for-profit business opportunity to implement the proposed solution;  Develop a business model that will effectively document the business opportunity;  Apply Customer Discovery and Human Centered Design methods to test and refine the business model;  Understand the processes required to form, finance, and begin execution of a new business venture;  Learn to effectively pitch the venture to prospective co-founders, investors employees, and others.


ENTR 490.012 | CLASS# 25159

Credits:  3 Graded

Prereq: None