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TechLab at MCity

You’re responsible for completing an open-ended autonomous vehicle or mobility project (assigned by a company in the autonomous vehicle/mobility space), and as such gain experience in developing cutting edge technology for an early stage startup.

This course is only available to students enrolled in the TechLab at Mcity Program. Only students who are selected for the TechLab at Mcity Program will be granted permission to enroll. To apply go to http://cfe.umich.edu/techlab-mcity/

Learning Objectives: Students will know how to recognize ambiguity, become comfortable with it, and use project management techniques to plan for the unexpected; utilize project management tools, techniques, and skills; understand assigned company’s technology and how it creates value for a customer segment; gain exposure to entrepreneurship and its role in solving big problems; align resources for effective project implementation; appreciate organizational dynamics, communication strategies and stakeholder motivations;  Identify and utilize key performance metrics for project success; learn to assume responsibility for matters of great importance to assigned company; begin to make transition from student to professional engineer; engage in collaborative learning; immerse themselves in a startup that is developing cutting edge technology for the transportation industry; lead technical and strategic discussion on steps required to achieve technical milestones; discuss a Tech Lab company’s work during class discussion and how it relates in the context of class.


ENTR 390.013 & 599.013 | Application-based fellowship program

Credits:  3 graded per semester (Lecture and Immersive Experience, 2 semesters required)

Prereq: Application Only (Some Teams Require Completed Coursework, such as EECS 216, EECS 250, EECS 270, EECS 280, EECS 281, EECS 282, EECS 381, EECS 382, EECS 402, EECS 442, EECS 445, EECS 447, EECS 453, EECS 481, EECS 492, EECS 545)