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Reimagining Companies through Innovation

Not Offered Fall 2021

The state of Michigan and the Midwest have a rich manufacturing history. In fact, the manufacturing capacity of the I-80/I-94 corridor from Detroit to Chicago is roughly the equivalent of Germany. Nevertheless, many of these businesses are aging and need to leverage new technology and processes to make higher value products and remain competitive. In this course you will learn to analyze all aspects of a company, develop market intelligence, and provide advice that will reshape a company. You will also meet directly with entrepreneurs and company C-suite members. This class is offered in collaboration with the U-M Economic Growth Institute, which has decades of experience providing strategic guidance to small- and medium-sized companies. You will be directly involved in gathering and interpreting data that will be used by real companies for high-level decision making as they reinvent the firm. You will understand and apply consulting skills, technology, and market assessment, analyze privately held companies, and evaluate their capacity to innovate.


ENTR 490.344 & 599.344 | CLASS# 

Credits:  3 Graded

Prereq: None