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Entrepreneurial Design

Are you:

* Designing doorknobs for a Mars colony?
* Tired of browsing crappy university web pages?
* Inventing the best app ever for the Nest or the Apple Watch?
* Have ideas and want to prototype them before the next pitch to investors?
* Wondering why you aren’t going to an online college instead?

Entrepreneurial Design is a cross-disciplinary course for current and aspiring designers, hackers, and makers. This gateway entrepreneurship course allows students to build foundational knowledge of entrepreneurial design with the opportunity to apply these skills in a hands-on lab (ENTR 390.008 – 010).

Learning Objectives: Students will train in patterns of thought that help them anticipate and drive innovations in technology, business, policy; train in advanced and powerful inventing / problem identification and solving methods; ‘earn to identify and meet customer/user needs and wants (i.e.: building stuff you and others actually want to use and buy); obtain practical ?building? skills in a specific digital, physical, or combination platform (i.e.: showing how something works is more effective than just telling stories about it).


ENTR 390.006 | CLASS# 25255

Credits:  2 graded (Lecture and Lab must be taken together)

Prereq: YOU CANNOT DIRECTLY ENROLL IN THIS LECTURE. You must pick a lab first (ENTR 390.008 – 010)