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ELP Entrepreneurial Leadership

This course is only available to students enrolled in the Entrepreneurs Leadership Program, which is a year-long program that provides deep training and mentorship for a select cohort of students to develop skills in areas of individual leadership, operations, innovation, and execution. For more information, visit cfe.umich.edu/elp

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understanding startups: We will learn about startups through case studies and studying other key principles
  2. Industry Assessment: We will gain deeper understanding of specific industries through a variety of research and analysis approaches.
  3. Opportunity Identification: Building on the foundational knowledge of startups and industries, we will work to identify opportunities for innovation.
  4. Validation: After identifying innovation opportunities, we will actively test approaches, ideas, products, and services to develop those opportunities.


Program Expectations: For students to complete the program, and therefore earn the status of ELP Fellow, students must complete the following:

  1. Winter semester course (3 credit hours) on Entrepreneurial Leadership
  2. Attend at least one global trek, either NEXT or WUST
  3. Operate and contribute to an entrepreneurial ecosystem during the Summer, to be approved by the Assistant Director of Entrepreneurial Practice. Some examples of this include:
    1. Internship at a startup
    2. Shadowing/receiving regular mentorship from an entrepreneurial leader
    3. Extensive researching and reporting on entrepreneurial activity
    4. Starting/founding a venture
  4. Fall semester course (3 credit hours) on Entrepreneurial Action and Vision
  5. Capstone project, to be completed during the Fall semester, and presented at the CFE Symposium during the Fall semester.


ENTR  490.015 & 599.033  |  Application-based fellowship program

Credits:  3 Graded per semester (2 Semesters required)

Prereq: Application