Apr. 13: Shelly Sahi, SAHI Cosmetics

Shelly is a cross-disciplinary scientist and innovator with 5+ years of direct experience in prototype and product development, project planning, management, industry and market analysis, laboratory testing, brand creation and management, strategy and execution in new venture activity, supply chain management, marketing and sales. She worked for the University of Michigan Hospital researching H. flu and chronic kidney disease before joining the materials science research group at Ford Motor Company. She was promoted to the business office and completed a Ross Evening MBA in 2.5 years. During the MBA program, she started SAHI Cosmetics through Dare to Dream grants, Kickstarter campaigning, and various Zell Lurie Institute of Entrepreneurship scholarships. She also won first place at the Michigan Business Challenge 2017 and is the Weiser Family Entrepreneur Of The Year.