Are you interested in entrepreneurship but are not sure what the CFE’s courses have to offer? While we certainly could go on and on raving about our courses and instructors, we thought we would give our students a chance to relay what they experienced during their work in CFE classes. 

From interacting with entrepreneurial leaders, to networking with students outside of their major, to gaining great strategies to use beyond graduation, your fellow wolverines share why you should enroll in an ENTR course. 

ENTR Practicum is one of my top favorite classes. The class splits into three projects, is student led with each focusing on a specific skill set that is applicable to many ventures.” – Navanas Chetsandtikhun, Alumni ‘20 



“I learned so much about myself in the Interpersonal Skills course, and Dr. Fretz is an amazing teacher. It was a great way to start off the certificate program because it isn’t specifically focused on entrepreneurship, but more about learning about yourself and what you might want to do in the future.”  Laura Andre, PhD Candidate Electrical & Computer Engineering


“What is really refreshing about the ENTR courses is how creative they are. I think it is fun to be around people who are excited, eager for challenge, and ready to be at the cutting edge of what is next.” Allie Farmer, Alumni ‘20



“In Entrepreneurship Hour you get to listen to amazing bright-minded people every Friday. It is honestly a relaxing, enjoyable class where you get to hear the speakers stories.” – Emily Tumminia, Cognitive Science ‘21 



“It was very interesting to see how much I used what I learned in my ENTR classes in my Engineering classes. My senior year I had a capstone project and we had to restart our project three times, and everytime we had to go back to stage one. I found that what I learned in my ENTR classes really helped me overcome those setbacks.” – Taylor Termine, Alumni ‘20


“My entrepreneurship classes gave me so much interdisciplinary insight I could apply to my neuroscience research…I was mind blown.” – Antoinette Danku, PhD Candidate Neuroscience




Entrepreneurship Hour provided an interesting contrast to my other engineering classes, and it was interesting to see how entrepreneurs could capitalize on their technological success.” – Anna O’Neill, Alumni ‘20  



“I value teams way more now that I understand the purpose of working with people who have different backgrounds and experiences.” – Maggie Maranz, Cognitive Science, Decision and Cognition ‘21



E-Commerce is a very interesting class that got me interested in entrepreneurship. The instructor brings in a lot of guest lecturers who talk about their own venture whether it is selling something online, or a brick and mortar store. That is really cool.” Allison Marsh, Alumni ‘20



“In my experience economics teaches you about thinking analytically, problem solving as a whole, and obviously about the whole economy. Entrepreneurship gave me a way to apply all of that information I learned in my economics classes and use it to my advantage when it comes to creating or managing a business.” – Nick Cassar, Economics ‘21


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