Startup Saga Title and Old West Landscape
Do you ever wonder how a startup goes from being an idea to a company with a viable product or service? Does it happen overnight, over the summer, or over a decade? When and how did the founders meet? How did they ever find funding or pivot from their original concept?

Many of these questions are answered in a new CFE podcast called The Startup Saga. Digging into the story of entrepreneurship, one endeavor at a time, each season (five episodes) focuses on one company and the team that was there for it all.

In the time it takes most students to make it from one class to the next, and told from those who were there, each episode helps listeners understand the process of how that company’s founding team met, came up with their idea, found funding, and what happened next.

Sky Specs Drone and Windmill

Season one features U-M alumni company SkySpecs, whose expertise, software and technological solutions allow customers to automate operations and maintenance for their wind farms. 

Discover how a group of engineering students created MAAV at The Wilson Student Team Project Center and eventually evolved into their current position as a global leader in the renewable energy industry.

The new frontier of entrepreneurship is filled with both failures and those who strike gold. Come along for the journey with the Startup Saga.



*Available at and coming to most podcast platforms soon.