Neurable’s revolutionary brain-computer interface uses electroencephalography to record brain activity, analyze data and provide users with full three-dimensional control in real time. Their technology has enabled people to play games, control toys and drive a full-sized car using only their thoughts. Neurable transforms augmented and virtual reality by placing the user’s mind in the center of the experience. Through Neurable, AR and VR can finally achieve their full potential using the power of your mind.


Ramses Alcaide, PhD – Founder & CEO

Michael Thompson – Business Development Lead

James Hamet – Lead Software Architect

Adam Molnar – Business Development Manager

Jeff Morries, Jr. – R & D Specialist

Derek Padden – Senior Systems Engineer

Julie Blumenthal – Machine Learning Engineer

Alexander Hersh – Software Engineer

Jay J. Jantz, PhD – Biological Data Scientist

Arnaldo Pereira – Data Scientist