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Portfolio Companies

The Monroe-Brown Biomedical Seed Fund was established in April 2016.

Fund contact: Hirak Parikh, PhD, Program Manager

Genomenon, Inc.

genomenon-175-v2-attachmentMike Klein, CEO

Mark J. Kiel, CSO & VP of Product Strategy

Genomenon’s software simplifies genome interpretation to improve diagnostic accuracy in clinical practice and speed genetic discoveries in research laboratories.


Brio, LLC

brio-175-attachmentHannah Hensel, Co-Founder & CEO

Laura McCormick, CTO

Brio Device, LLC was founded by a team of women with experiences across multiple disciplines to produce commercialized airway devices for endotracheal intubation. Failed intubation leads to 18,000 trauma-related deaths each year that are entirely preventable using Brio’s insertion stylets. These devices minimize reliance on clinician skill for success and are designed to assist users in locating the trachea and maneuvering the endotracheal tube through the mouth, throat and airway.


Mountain Pass

Dale Royal, CEO

Dave Morin, Co-Founder

Mountain Pass Soultions (MPS) offers a fully configurable workflow management system as a SaaS product. This product was originally developed out of needs at the UM Med School for credentialing doctors. MPS was able to bring the delays down from 59 days to 8 days, saving the Med School Mountain several million dollars that were lost each year as new hires waited. They also have a promotion and tenure product that reduces paperwork, and time spent by administration in tracking files.

ONL Therapeutics

John Freshley, President & CEO

David Zacks, Co-Founder & CSO

ONL offers a first-in-class therapy to protect the vision of patients with retinal disease, using a Fas inhibitor designed to protect against retinal cell death. ONL Fas Inhibitors (FASi) bind to Fas receptors preventing receptor activation by FasL and subsequent death and inflammation signaling and direct cell death. ONL can be used to protect against Retinal Detachment, Macular Degeneration, and Glaucoma.


William Brinkerhoff, Co-Founder & CEO

James Moon, Co-Founder & CSO

Anna Schwendeman, Co-Founder & VP of Preclinical Development

EVOQ offers nano-vaccine technology that is able to evoke potent anti-tumor T-cell responses that can eradicate tumors and establish long-term immunity against tumor recurrence. Vaccine nanodiscs are based on synthetic high density lipoproteins with an established clinical manufacturing procedure and excellent safety profiles in humans.

Ripple Science

Jacob Bonenburger, Co-Founder & CEO

Nestor Lopez-Duran, Co-Founder

Ripple Science offers program management software for recruiting subjects for academic or industry studies. Target customers include academic labs and CROs that face difficulty in recruiting, tracking, and managing subjects for studies.