In the Halloween spirit, we at the CFE wanted show our spirit for the holiday, as well as our love of entrepreneurship, and give you a killer list of GIFs that express how those involved in our programs might feel at some point.  We hope you enjoy.



When you seek out an advisor or mentor in the industry to help you figure out just how to advance your idea into a reality:

Young Frankenstein Life




When your grad research develops into a potential business opportunity:

Nightmare Before Christmas Reaction




How you might feel when your first prototype fails:

Charlie Brown Rock




Then how you feel when you finally get your prototype or code to deploy/work properly:

Ernest Scared Stupid "Thank You"




The cheapest place you’re willing to stay for an out-of-town entrepreneurship conference:

Bates Motel Sign




When you hear potential investors might be at the event you’re attending:

Hocus Pocus



When you finish your first round of funding:

Pumpkin Dance




When you’ve put together your team and feel confident in your hiring:

Ghostbusters Plan




Getting in to your first office space as a startup:

Halloween Closet Crash



What you tell your competition when your idea launches:

Wednesday Addams Be Afraid




No matter where you are in your journey, remember that the Center for Entrepreneurship has your back and to have a very Happy & Safe Halloween.




Let us know what your favorite Halloween movie or show is and how it applies to entrepreneurship on our Facebook Page.