By Kate Toporski, CFE Content Development Intern

Build a prototype. Code an app. Create a 3D model. Experiment with UI design.

All of these things are possible by simply taking one class: Introduction to Entrepreneurial Design (ENTR 490).

This is the Center for Entrepreneurship’s newest class  that puts theory into practice, helping students bring their entrepreneurial ideas to life. Students will learn about topics in 3D modeling and 3D printing, machining and
metalworking, embedded systems and microelectronics, apps and web development as it relates to design and entrepreneurship.

From furiously typing computer keyboards to smoothing the 25163379583_42fc51358a_o (3)-attachmentedges of a new metal creation, students are creating real life prototypes and products.  Intro to Entrepreneurial Design focuses on learning to hack together and experience the fun of building, with minimal technical mumbo-jumbo.

“Entrepreneurial Design is an equal mixture of making and thinking, for current and future entrepreneurs, designers, hackers, makers, founders, and do-ers,” says Max Shtein, professor of the ENTR 490 lecture. “The course is intended to outline principles of design and systems thinking, technology evolution, innovation, and marketing that underpin significant, successful developments in technology, business, and policy. So, the lab sections are
supplemented by weekly lectures and discussions, where students receive and discuss ideas regarding the principles of design, entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship/commercialization.”

24115912764_de5fb503c2_o (1)-attachmentWant to learn more? Join CFE faculty & staff our TEDxUofM Lab: Exploring Entrepreneurial Design on Friday, April 1!

At the lab, students will get a hands-on opportunity to experience coding, hacking and prototyping – a “taste” of the Entrepreneurial Design class.   Be at the Power Center from 9am-4:30pm to mingle with staff and current students, and get your questions answered.

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