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Flexscle is a band like device that can be strapped around the muscle/set of muscles the user is training on. It is powered with an EMG sensor that captures and transfers muscle patterns in real-time to a central processing unit (CPU). The CPU uses an algorithm that is trained with a set of “expert muscle patterns”. By comparing the real-time muscle patterns obtained from the user with the trained set, the algorithm is able to provide recommendations that would help the user to make changes to the exercise routines in order to achieve his/her fitness goals.  The device also comes with a supporting mobile app that users can use to track their muscle activity, interact with the device and learn about the feedback provided.



Ashwinkumar Gopalrathnam, MBA, 2016


Biming Wu, Ph.D Biomedical Engineering, 2017

Dr. Sheng Kung, Ph.D Machine Learning , 2016

Abdulrahman Aref, Ph.D Biomedical Engineering, 2017


Website: flexcle.com