By Kate Toporski, CFE Content Development Intern

Clean. Safe. Green. Booming: the perfect geography to grow your entrepreneurial skills and experiences at an international level.

Regarded by Forbes as “The Best Place in the World to Do Business,” Singapore is has become the newest “it” place for entrepreneurship. Students enrolled in the inaugural year of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Singapore program have an opportunity to get eye-opening experiences in its rapidly growing business community.

This program is the first ever study abroad experience offered through CFE, and the first entrepreneurship-specialized international program offered by the U-M College of Engineering. Through this 6-week study abroad summer program at Nanyang Technological University, students interested in global business, entrepreneurship, and marketing will gain intellectual breadth and earn up to 9 transfer credits focused on developing their entrepreneurial skills.

With all courses taught in English, the program offers Michigan students an opportunity to participate in real-life, hands-on experiences to advance their ventures, and learn about the Asian international market. Students will be challenged in creativity, innovation, new business creation and company management, as well as meet with top business executives and young professionals in the area. This program offers students the network, resources, and foundational skill-set essential to success in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Singapore, and beyond.

Why would you fly halfway across the world to study entrepreneurship when it’s already in your own backyard? Singapore has a rich culture that will open your eyes to new ways of thinking, living and understanding business. Here are six reasons why Singapore is the place to experience entrepreneurship this summer:


1. Live the Go-Getter Lifestyle:20101109singapore01-attachment

From the streets to the office, Singapore (once a part of the British Crown Colony) is known for its fast pace way of
life. Citizens are continually on the go, making the most of every minute of the day. There is no waiting – whether it’s
for commerce or public transportation – everything in Singapore runs on time. In addition to the fast-pace of day-to-day life, Forbes has hailed this as one of the fastest growing destinations – economically, politically, and industrially. If you’re ready for a challenge both in  the classroom, and at the pace of an entrepreneur, Singapore will push you there.


2. Going Green? Singapore is:



From unbelievable standards of public cleanliness to continual business plans for a more environmentally friendly city, Singapore is the emerald city on the “green scale.” Their world-famous airport is equipped with nature trails to de-stress a flight delay, and the city is home to the world’s largest green house and indoor waterfall. Environmental friendliness is a top priority! Besides the abundance of access to natural and clean activities, Singapore is rampant with wildlife, and exotic species. Tourists and citizens alike enjoy nighttime safaris to see native animals in their nocturnal habitats.



3. Grow Your Appetite for Adventure:   Chilli-crab-attachment

There is a lot to do in Singapore, whether it’s dancing in night clubs, exploring the many museums, or taking a food tour of a lifetime. Eat at any of the 6,750 dining establishments found throughout the country. Try the world-renowned Chili Crab, what some claim to be the country’s “national dish” and the 100 year old cocktail recipe, The Singapore Sling. From Argentinean steakhouses to a wide-variety of regional Chinese restaurants, foods from across the world co-exist, making Singapore one of the world’s culinary capitals. Your palate will thank you.



4. Safety First (an easy sell to parents):

The citizens and city officials highly value safety for all people who live in or visit Singapore. The streets of this republic are regarded as some of the safest and cleanest around the world. With almost nonexistent crime rates, teens and young adults are able to be out late, with little fear of danger crossing their path. In a traditional celebration of strong culture and community, Singapore has established healthy, safe networks for citizens and guests alike.




5. It’s a Playground…for Adults:download-attachment

The world’s most thrilling (and chilling) theme park, extreme zip lines, a giant water park, resorts, and casinos galore. Many refer to Singapore as the perfect spot for adults to play! Spend a day at Universal Studios Singapore, enjoy Haw Par Villa – one of the freakiest theme parks in the world – or take a whizzing ride over Singapore on MegaZip‘s zip line. While your studies come first, the fun is sure to follow!




6. Beauty that Treats You Well:

Singapore’s architecture is splendid, ranging from columned verandas across the island to the newly renovated Sentosa-attachmentVictoria Theater and Concert Hall. See the famous hybrid of Merlion (lion-fish) in locations across the island, and
revel in the Singapore Art Science Museum (the perfect place to snap some selfies). Beyond the awesome architecture, the citizens of Singapore are beautiful as well: welcoming, polite, and helpful. With endless country-wide campaigns of politeness, citizens are versed in being totally considerate and, demonstrating kindness in every situation. Singapore’s people will help you adjust as you relocate and strive to understand the academic, cultural, and business norms of this region.




Applications for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Singapore program are due February 3rd (priority deadline) – February 24th (final deadline).

The program will run May-June 2016. U-M’s CoE is generously subsidizing this new study abroad offering.

Here’s a snapshot of the courses you will take::

ENTR 490 + 417 Entrepreneurship and Marketing for New Ventures (3 cr.)

ENTR 300-level:  Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance (3 cr.)

ASIAN 300-level:  Chinese Traditions and Society (3 cr.)

Take your entrepreneurial talent to the next level — go international.

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