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ENTR 409: Introduction to Venture Capital

For Winter 2017

1012 EECS

M, T, W, Th:  4:30-6:30pm
(Short course, runs Jan. 9- Feb 9, 2017).

Credits:  1

Grading:  Graded

Prereq:  Sophomore standing or above

Instructor(s):  Adrian Fortino

Entrepreneurship and venture capital are complex topics.  Research studies have never been able to completely define either the entrepreneurial person or the entrepreneurial process. Additionally, with the multiple stages of the venture capital processes, there is no pre-defined path for success in the industry. Both the person and the process appear to differ depending upon the type or stage of venture that is to be formed or invested in, and the nature of the industry that is to be entered.  The consistency that seems to cut across all ventures and all industries is that successful entrepreneurship and early stage venture capital appear to require a mixture of four very different traits and abilities:

1. Innovation/Vision: The imagination, creativity, and perception to develop an idea for creating and developing a new product, service or process, attacking a new or expanding market, or changing the rules & policies of an industry or industry segment.

2. Evaluation: The industry and market experience, and analytical ability to identify the key elements that will lead to a probability analysis on the success or failure of the venture.

3. Operation/Management: The functional expertise, experience, and technical competence to communicate their vision to others who will join, supply, or invest in the venture, and to lead the collaboration that will put together and manage a realistic business and operating plan for the venture.

4. Dedication: The personal drive and energy level to take the idea and turn it into anoperating reality