Diverse, Vetted, Trained Talent 
For Your Startup



Recruit exclusive talent from U-M’s 
most rigorous entrepreneurship program

The Entrepreneurs Leadership Program provides deep training and mentorship for a select cohort of students to develop the functional, managerial, and leadership skills that differentiate the good from the great entrepreneurs. A key experiential component of ELP is the startup internship, where students work closely with entrepreneurial leaders to gain the critical skills and experience they need to become leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship.
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Matching students with prospective companies through interviews for successful collaborations.


What does your company offer that will improve or solve a problem? Explain the pain point being alleviated.


Starting in October with partner 
commitments and ending in late August 
when students complete internships.


  • Exclusive access to recruit from the University of Michigan’s strongest entrepreneurial pipeline

  • 20-30 diverse students mined, selected, and vetted from 120+ student organizations, academic programs and departments

  • Students arrive with 4 months of tailored pre-internship training

  • All interview and internship logistics handled by U-M and student
  • Promotion and marketing of your partnership with U-M to our Center's global network (9,000+ influential followers)


  • One or more summer internships
         - 10-12 weeks of paid full-time work 
         - Employers must compensate                        students at a rate of at least                           $20/hour

  • Dedicated senior-level mentor for each intern hired

  • Willingness to host 20-25 student fellows for a 1-3 hour workshop in spring 2019 at, or near, your office

Nick Moroz
Assistant Director of Entrepreneurial Practice

Eric Bacyinski
Director-External Engagement and Mentorship



September - November
Selection of ELP Partners

ELP Partners Announced at Venture Showcase

January - February
Student - Internship Matching Process

March - April
Students Prepare for Internships

May - August

Ideal company partners have fewer than 150 employees, have obtained funding (between a seed round and a series B) and are located near:

Washington D.C.

The Bay Area


Southeast Michigan



"Ilya has been a huge part of our team during his summer internship. He has tremendous skills and lots of internal drive, and he immediately jumped in and started making impact on important projects for us... We don't treat him like an intern who has limited responsibility, but a normal team member who carries a full load...He's helped us revamp our sales process, he's created marketing materials, he's planned events, he's written code... We have loved having Ilya on our team and in our SpellBound family."

- David Nesbitt, 
Director of Sales and Customer Success at SpellBound

"Alex was able to hit the ground running, picking up on our business much faster than I had anticipated. His work ethic was unmatched and his creativity and positive attitude motivated his team mates. I would consider him a full time summer hire, rather than an intern, just based off of what he was able to contribute compared to other interns from other programs have done in the past.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with him as well as other program members in the future."

 Andrew Lynch, 
Director of Sales Development at Virtru

"Anika took her job seriously, was dependable and produced quality work while maintaining a very cheerful and positive disposition... I sincerely hope to continue to work with ELP interns in the future... I think you’re doing a terrific job of providing helpful real-world learning for the students and helpful real-world assistance for the start-ups.

 Hannah Hensel, 
CEO and Co Founder at Brio Device

Thank you for your interest, but all the ELP interns are already placed for this summer.

Check back later for next year's cohort and future opportunities.