This is it! For the final Innovation Challenge, we want you to truly immerse into the University of Michigan entrepreneurship ecosystem. You and your partner have 7 days to complete as many clues and questions as you can from this document. The winner will be the team with the highest point value (points awarded only for correct answers and/or correct submissions); in the case of a point-value tie, the team who hands their document in first is the winner.

The winning duo will represent the University of Michigan at the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Trek January 4-8 in San Francisco, California (pending professor approval to miss any classes that may overlap). See the video from last year’s SVBTrek; we truly need the top entrepreneurs to show the Bay Area just how innovative Michigan students are.

The final rules: You may not get answers from CFE staff members. To submit your answers, you must email this document to by 9am EST, Wednesday October 21.


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