Engage Entrepreneurial Leaders

Due Wednesday, October 7!

An important part of your development as an entrepreneurial leader is to learn from others who have successfully been down the path you are pursuing. Your challenge this week is simple. You need to go find, engage with, and learn from entrepreneurial leaders and share your interactions via Twitter (@umcfe) and/or Instagram (@umcfe). You can do more than one. If you have the chops and the network, you can do 50…but you have to be engaging with these leaders – have a meaningful conversation.


“Who” is an entrepreneurial leader? That’s up to you, and defined by you. It could be a local founder here in Ann Arbor. It could be a family friend or a former employer. It could be a current student. But while you define who it is, you also need to convince us and our judging panel WHY that person is an entrepreneurial leader through the social media channel that you choose, and how you choose to capture his/her story.



When you post, there are three requirements:

  1. A picture of you and the entrepreneurial leader
  2. Tag the entrepreneurial leader with his/her handle
  3. Share his/her answer to the question: “What is the one problem they wish Michigan students would solve?”
  4. Include #ThisIsELP so we can find your entry!


For example:

“.@gibson_matt sees huge gaps in the education system #ThisIsELP”


You must post by 11:59pm on Wednesday October 7, 2015. Winners will be announced on Friday October 9.



Entries will be evaluated on three criteria: creativity, inspiration, and engagement. Be creative in your approach! You don’t have to just include a picture. You can include a video, vine, link to a blog post you write, or whatever else you want. You can have multiple posts and talk to multiple entrepreneurial leaders (hint). That’s multiple chances to win!


Speaking of entrepreneurial leaders, some of our ELP program advisors will help evaluate who best fulfills this challenge. For example, we run two monthly meetups in the Bay Area of Michigan founders. These are people who are in the trenches, disrupting industries, raising capital, building teams…and these are the people who will be helping us choose the most creative, most engaging, and most inspiring entry.



$50…or maybe more. Winner announced on Oct 7. But here’s the real story: yes, you can win $50, but you are also showing us – and yourself, and your peers – your ability to engage with the leaders you will be working alongside if you are one of the 20 students who are selected to join the ELP program. This is breaking you out of your comfort zone so that you can go break some boundaries.


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