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eHour Speaker: Jason Bornhorst

eHour Speaker, November 6, 2015:

Jason Bornhorst, Filament Labs

Jason is a UofM alum & serial entrepreneur passionate about mobile, healthcare, and student entrepreneurship. Jason has been through multiple startup exits & failures, and enjoys speaking on the ups & downs of startup life. He’s 29 years old and lives in Austin, TX. Jason is the founder & CEO of Patient IO. Filament Labs is building a platform that drives better outcomes for chronically ill patients by better connecting them with their doctor.

Prior to founding Filament Labs, Jason was Director of Product at Mobiata. Mobiata was one of TechArb’s first success stories, having built FlightTrack, one of the highest grossing travel apps of all time. Mobiata was acquired by Expedia in 2010, where Jason led the team that built out Expedia’s current suite of mobile booking apps.

While at UofM, Jason founded the first version of TechArb. TechArb grew out of a student group Jason had started and had humble beginnings… free unleased basement real estate, a few hundred dollars in IKEA tables, and 10 student startups.

In his junior year, Jason co-founded, built & sold DoGood – an app that virally promoted over two million random acts of kindness. DoGood was a NYTimes App of the Week, and was acquired by Tonic in 2010. In his sophomore year, Jason founded CampusRoost – a social network for campus neighborhoods. Jason is responsible for spamming the UofM campus with painted folding chairs, a marketing stunt that drove 1/3 of campus to sign up for the service in the first month of school. (And some of the chairs can still be found on campus today.)

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