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eHour Speaker: Inder Singh

eHour Speaker, March 11 2016

Inder Singh

Inder Singh is the Founder & CEO of Kinsa, which is using mobile technologies to create a real-time map of human health to track—and stop—the spread of communicable illness. Kinsa’s first product is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, the first-ever FDA-cleared, app-enabled thermometer. Prior to starting Kinsa, Inder was the Executive Vice President of the Clinton Foundation’s Health Access Initiative (CHAI). While at CHAI, Inder brokered deals between 70 governments and 22 pharmaceutical companies that resulted in nearly $1.5 billion in cost savings from lower priced drugs and diagnostics for HIV/ AIDS, malaria, and TB. These cost savings enabled millions of people to receive life-saving treatment. Inder and his team were also instrumental in ensuring that more than 25 rare pediatric drug products were developed and brought to market in under 5 years, enabling more than 500,000 children to receive HIV treatment. Before his work in healthcare, Inder worked at several software startups globally. Inder holds five academic degrees, including three graduate degrees from Harvard and MIT. He is a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT and a frequent speaker at conferences on topics including the Internet of Things (IoT), technology’s application to health, and starting companies with a social mission.

Watch Inder Singh’s seminar here.