By Kate Toporski, CFE Content Development Intern


In Winter 2016, the Center for Entrepreneurship, Graduate Society of Women Engineers, and the Center for the Education of Women teamed up to create a workshop series about stereotypes, career paths, and allyhood. This Fall, we are ready to dive back in!

Starting on Wednesday, September 21, our six-part series begins with a focus on gender inequities and inequalities– “So Easy Your Girlfriend Can Do It: Identifying Microaggressions and Implicit Bias in the Workplace”, featuring Project Specialist from the Center for the Education of Women, Elizabeth Rohr.

“Sometimes, we can feel that something is wrong in the workplace. That shouldn’t have happened, we tell ourselves, but we can’t identify it or combat it,” says Rohr. “My hopes are simple– that this workshop series can allow basic tools to identify and deflect situations that lead to inequities in schools and work environments.”

Consisting of individual and group activities, these workshop spaces will be a safe environment, open to any and everyone who is looking to learn more about tactics to avoid and overcome biases and aggression.

“These conversations are going to be real,” says Ashleigh Bell, CFE’s Student Services Professional. “It’s going to be a truly productive afternoon of unfiltered, non-judgmental conversations about real gender inequality issues that woman struggle to overcome every day.”

If you or your friends are interested in any of our upcoming workshops, be sure to check visit this semester’s series schedule HERE. We hope to see you on Wednesday, as we continue to strengthen STEM pathways for women and beyond!