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At the CFE (Center for Entrepreneurship), we’re all about helping you develop the tools you need to Lead, Inspire, Discover, Innovate, Build, Persevere, and Create the Future. 

“Entrepreneurship Education is the Humanities of the 21st century”      - Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, the longest-serving Administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA


Michigan Engineering will give you a world-class engineering education, the CFE will give you world-class tools to translate your knowledge, inspiration, and energy to make an impact. The CFE has over 30 course sections (prefix ENTR) to kickstart your entrepreneurial mindset. Whether you're starting out or aiming higher, our diverse range of courses will fuel your ambitions and ignite your passions. This is where you begin your path to success! Remember, college is all about exploring new avenues and finding your way.


Nearly 50% of Engineering students jump into programs at the Center For Entrepreneurship at some point in their academic career! It's spirited students like you who propel us to rock the charts of the nation's finest Entrepreneur Programs. 

We are the CFE and we're not your typical educational program. We're on a mission to coach and inspire U-M students into an entrepreneurial mindset. Since 2008 we’ve empowered over 30,000 students to fearlessly pursue their passions in the startup world, in corporate America, at global non-profits, government, and academia.


[Mindset definition:  a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world]

  • The world is full of opportunities to innovate and create value
  • Experimentation and Assessment are key to understanding complex phenomena (in the lab, with tech, but also markets, customer behavior, etc)
  • The culture we cultivate – how we work together, how we hold each other accountable, and how we build and maintain relationships, is key in achieving great outcomes
  • Opportunity and Risk are important to understand and manage, and are best understood and managed using data-driven approaches
  • Success requires conviction and determination, and those who succeed adapt and persevere through change
  • Failure is often a critical part of the path to success, and can be an especially effective opportunity to learn
  • Communication is best when it’s clear, effective, and timely
  • Entrepreneurship is about doing and creating value, so, engage with a bias towards action and a focus on creating value for all stakeholders



When you’re on campus come visit us on the third floor of the Duderstadt Center – Room 3350, to chat about how the CFE can help you let your inner creative genius free and support you reaching your full potential - the future is yours for the taking!

You can also use ATLAS Schedule Builder to find classes – Search by the prefix ENTR, or find our exclusive list of classes here.