Businesswomen speak with each other at a conference.
5 Networking Tips for Recent U-M Graduates

Congratulations, recent University of Michigan graduates! Gone are the days of long hours cramming in the UgLi or the Duderstadt…

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Empower Your Break: 10 CFE Staff Picks for Summer

Summer is almost here! As the temperatures rise and the days lengthen, it’s the perfect time to kick back, relax,…

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Jooyoung poses with three other people. They are all wearing blue face masks and appear to be hospital staff.
Why Pre-Med Students Should Take Entrepreneurship Courses

Written by Jooyoung Chung, ELP student This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Warmilu, a local healthcare…

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Why Every Startup Needs a Referee 

Written by Elyse Soracco, ELP student Questionable calls are part of every sport, and when they happen, there’s only one…

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How I Became a 6-Figure Entrepreneur While Pursuing My Degree

Written by Faith Richardson, ELP student  From the first glimmer of ambition as a child to standing on the precipice…

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Hustle-Approved: Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your Go-Getter Friend

‘Tis the season for spreading joy and celebrating the spirit of giving! The thrill of giving and receiving gifts adds…

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Student Spotlight: Sebastian Leone

Get ready to be inspired by the vibrant world of entrepreneurship through the eyes of Sebastian Leone. Majoring in Industrial…

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CFE Student Success Story: From Classroom Partners to Founders

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the most remarkable stories often begin with a single connection, a chance meeting, or a…

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Dive Headless into the World of Entrepreneurship this Spooky Season

Get ready for a hauntingly good time as we dive headless into the world of entrepreneurship this spooky season! Picture…

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