For Startups

With Friends Like These

By Tom Frank, CFE Executive Director You are sitting in your dorm room, or a coffee shop, (or bored in class) and suddenly you think to yourself: “You know what… Read More

Alumni Profile: Jon Bowerman (B.S. ’04)

His path to entrepreneurship has been shaped by $20, a freshman engineering presentation, and an episode of South Park. This VP of Product Development and Co-Founder of High Level Marketing… Read More

No Advice is Better Than Bad Advice

By Tom Frank, CFE Executive Director A very important part of my day is meeting with students and entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance or advice. Arguably, this is my favorite… Read More

If You Build It, I Will Come

By Tom Frank, CFE Executive Director I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting the distinguished alumni awards for the College of Engineering in one of my large survey classes. I… Read More

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