Entrepreneurship Hour

#EHour: Randy Brouckman

  Randy Brouckman is co-founder and CEO of EdgeConneX, Inc. He founded EdgeConneX in 2010. Mr Brouckman is also a General Partner of TDFVentures with over $150M under management. Prior… Read More

#EHour: Paul Teutul, Jr.

Motorcycle master Paul Teutul Jr. has been molding metal into shape since the age of 12, when he began his apprenticeship at his father’s steel business. He’s widely recognized as… Read More

#EHour: Kiko Dontchev (Space X)

Kiko Dontchev is a Manager of Dragon Development Engineering at SpaceX. Kiko joined SpaceX in May 2010 leading development of Lithium Ion batteries for SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9… Read More

#EHour: Will Pomerantz

Will Pomerantz is the Vice President for Special Projects at Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. In that role, Will helps extend Virgin Galactic’s business beyond suborbital space tourism, developing efforts… Read More

#EHour: TechLab Panel

Opening Class | TechLab at Mcity Panel with Jay Ellis (MTRAC, Josh Hartung (PolySync) and Sravan Puttagunta (Civil Maps) Jay Ellis is director of the MTRAC Transportation program, a mid-stage funding… Read More

eHour Speaker: Mike Rhodin

eHour Speaker, March 18 2016 Mike Rhodin Mike Rhodin is Senior Vice President, Watson Business Development. Watson is one of IBM’s most significant innovations in the company’s 103-year history and represents… Read More

eHour Speaker: Erin Teague

October 9, 2015 Erin Teague, Yahoo Bio: Immediately following the College of Engineering Alumni Awards, eHour will be hosting Erin Teague, Director of Product Management at Yahoo and U-M Engineering Alum…. Read More