The Student Voice

Jump in at the deep end!

  Blog post by ELP Student Naomi Grossman (Business | Class of 2020)   I joined the Entrepreneurs Leadership Program, like many others in this cohort, because I wanted to get an entrepreneurial… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Company Culture

  Blog post by ELP Student John Marinescu (Business Admin | Class of 2021)   “A successful company is spawned from amazing company culture. An amazing company culture is spawned from purposeful deliberation.”… Read More

Denver Startup Trek

    Blog post by ELP Student Daniel Blyum (Industrial & Operations Engineering | Class of 2020)   Having done a Michigan to California road trip at the end of freshman year… Read More

Things I’ve learned about startup recruiting

Blog post by ELP Student Alex Bascom (Earth Science | Class of 2019)   What Makes Startup Recruitment Unique?   Startup recruiting can be challenging for many students who have traditionally sought… Read More

Ditch the startup. Intern at an accelerator.

    Blog post by ELP Student Wyatt Dudgeon (Business Admin | Class of 2021)   Startup accelerators are spectacular, period.   My name is Wyatt Dudgeon, I’m a aspiring Detroit entrepreneur resolute on… Read More

Setting goals for the summer

    Blog post by ELP Student Aditi Deshpande (Cell & Molecular Biology | Class of 2019)   Summer is the time when students can set goals to achieve over… Read More

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