The Student Voice

Opening the third door

Blog post by ELP Student Mira Ruder-Hook (International Studies & French | Class of 2018)   So far, it’s been a pretty phenomenal summer and joining ELP has hugely informed… Read More

How ELP prepped me for a summer at Cargo

Blog post by ELP Student Hope Chen (Information Science | Class of 2019)   This summer, I’m interning at Cargo Systems Inc., a New York based startup offering on-demand, in-car commerce to rideshare… Read More

How to start at a startup?

  Blog post by ELP Student Julio Soldevilla (Mathematics | Class of 2022)   Forget about touch screen and fancy keyboards, the future lies within our minds. In the day and age of… Read More

Jump in at the deep end!

  Blog post by ELP Student Naomi Grossman (Business | Class of 2020)   I joined the Entrepreneurs Leadership Program, like many others in this cohort, because I wanted to get an entrepreneurial… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Company Culture

  Blog post by ELP Student John Marinescu (Business Admin | Class of 2021)   “A successful company is spawned from amazing company culture. An amazing company culture is spawned from purposeful deliberation.”… Read More

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