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Dr. Ryan Eustice (PhD MIT), University of Michigan

Dr. Edwin Olson (PhD MIT), University of Michigan

Bruce Peddle, MBA, former SVP FlexJet, previously Bombardier Aerospace, Embraer

Dr. Pradeep Ranganathan (PhD University of Michigan)


Project Stage: Device proof of concept in the University

Industry: Airframe Analytics, Aircrafts, Analytical Tools

Funding: $100,432 | U-M MTRAC Transportation

Problem: Current airframe inspection relies heavily on human inspection and handheld eddy-current testing from inside the aircraft – a costly and heavily time-consuming process. Inspectors are currently required to be on-site, and attention can be quickly focused on key areas, even when problem areas are particular to one specific aircraft. In addition, current paper and PDF-based logging techniques for qualitative human visual inspection and eddy-current testing results are outdated and inefficient.

Solution: AirMetrics’ proprietary process enables more efficient external inspection. Furthermore, AirMetrics brings to customers total aircraft ultrasonic inspection – the ONLY reliable means of inspecting CARBON FIBER REINFORCED PLASTIC (CFRP) airframes. Their technology brings big-data tools to aircraft inspection and enables analysis across aircraft fleets and over time. Results can even be compared to original CAD schematics provided by the manufacturer.