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Name: Miki Banu 
Uniquename: mbanu 
Department: ME

Photo: Akhil Kantipuly Michigan Engnieering Communications & Marketing

Mihaela Banu, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor

Before joining the University of Michigan, Professor Banu served as the Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Director of the Manufacturing Research Center (ICTM) at her alma mater. She obtained a PhD Cum Laude from University of Galati, Romania and RIKEN, Japan, in 2000 and MS/BS in Manufacturing Engineering from University of Galati in 1993. She was visiting scientist for several periods of 1-3 months each year in Japan and France (2001-2010). She was awarded with Mechanical Engineering College Honorary Professor in 2011 and 2012, Japan Key Technology Award in 2000.

Name: James Cutler
Uniqname: jwcutler
Department: Aerospace

Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing


James Cutler, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering

James Cutler is an associate professor in the Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Michigan. His research interests center on space systems–a multidisciplinary approach to enabling future space capability with particular emphasis on novel, nanosatellite missions. He is developing next generation communication capability and robust space computing infrastructure. He is Co-PI on the first NSF space mission, the Radio Aurora Explorer (RAX). Prof. Cutler’s teaching interests are in all things space related.

Jonathan Fay

Jonathan Fay, Ph.D.

Dixon and Carol Doll Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship


Prior to U-M, Jonathan had senior operating roles in several medical device startups in Silicon Valley. The companies ranged from infant hearing screening, to asthma diagnostics, to hearing devices. Most recently, Jonathan was the COO/CTO of EarLens Corporation a medical device startup in Silicon Valley. In addition to his responsibilities as the operational head of the company, he raised capital from a variety of sources including SBIRs, angels, strategic partners, and VCs. Jonathan has over 12 patents and received his PhD in Biomechanics Stanford. Products developed under Jonathan’s leadership have received numerous national awards as first-of-kind innovations.

Jonathan focuses his efforts on facilitating entrepreneurship and innovation in the students and faculty at the University of Michigan and across the Midwest. In addition to being the Dixon and Carol Doll Executive Director at U-M, he is also the Executive Director and Co-PI of the NSF Midwest I-Corps node. In that role, he helps bring the entire Midwest region together to facilitate the sharing of best practices, experts, investors, and mentors so that emerging technologies can have an impact on the regional and global economy. Jonathan is passionate about using advanced technologies in partnership with human networks to bring about large-scale changes in mobility, climate change, and healthcare.

Rachel Hope Schmedlen

Rachael Hope Schmedlen, Ph.D.

Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education, Biomedical Engineering
Lecturer IV, Biomedical Engineering

Name: Kathleen Sienko
Uniqname: sienko
Department: BME, ME

Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing


Kathleen Sienko, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Kathleen Sienko received the B.S. degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Kentucky in 1998 and the S.M. degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2000. She received that Ph.D. degree in Medical Engineering andBioastronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, Division of Health Sciences and Technology in 2007. Her research interests are medical device design, development, and assessment; wearable balance prostheses and rehabilitation aids; sensory augmentation; biofeedback; mechatronics; haptic interfaces; biomechanics including mobility impairments; affordable medical technologies for the developing world.

Name: Anish Tuteja
Uniqname: atuteja
Department: MSE, Macro

Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing


Anish Tuteja, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Anish Tuteja received the B.E. degree in Chemical Engineering from Panjab University in 2001 and the Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science from Michigan State University in 2006. His research is focused on using polymers to address some of the key challenges in the areas of renewable energy and environmental science. Particular areas of interest include Superoleophobic surfaces, Superhydrophobic Surfaces, Ice-Repellent Surfaces, Membranes, Polymer Nanocomposites, Thermoelectrics, Solar Cells, and Liquid-liquid Separations.



David Wentzloff, Ph.D.

Faculty Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

David D. Wentzloff received the B.S.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1999, and the S.M. and Ph.D. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, in 2002 and 2007, respectively. Since August, 2007 he has been with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he is currently an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His research focuses on RF integrated circuits, with an emphasis on ultra-low power design. In 2012, he co-founded PsiKick, a fabless semiconductor company developing ultra-low power wireless SoCs. He is the recipient of the 2009 DARPA Young Faculty Award, 2009-2010 Eta Kappa Nu Professor of the Year Award, 2011 DAC/ISSCC Student Design Contest Award, 2012 IEEE Subthreshold Microelectronics Conference Best Paper Award, the 2012 NSF CAREER Award, the 2014 ISSCC Outstanding Forum Presenter Award, the 2014-2015 Eta Kappa Nu ECE Professor of the Year Award, the 2014-2015 EECS Outstanding Achievement Award, and the 2015 Joel and Ruth Spira Excellence in Teaching Award. He has served on the technical program committee for ICUWB 2008-2010, ISLPED 2011-2015, S3S 2013-2014, RFIC 2013-2020, and ISSCC 2020, and as a guest editor for the IEEE T-MTT, the IEEE Communications Magazine, and the Elsevier Journal of Signal Processing: Image Communication. He is a senior member of IEEE, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, and Tau Beta Pi.