With backpacking kicking off and departments vying for a piece of your course load, the CFE wanted to reach out and let you hear from the students, instructors, and companies who engage with our programming. One of the number one reasons to participate in CFE classes is that we’ve heard time and time again from recruiters, head-hunters, and HR specialists that seeing coursework and activities in entrepreneurship has helped candidates stand out from their peers.


But, as the kids from Reading Rainbow used to say, “You don’t have to take my word for it…”


1. Getting to have discussions with awesome speakers and a useful set of tools for working on a project has been great! —ELP student


2. (ELP intern)’s professionalism, tenacity, output, and drive outmatched most professionals – let alone fellow interns. We’re committed to hiring as many ELP students as Michigan can produce. —Jay LeBoeuf, CEO and Founder – Real Industry


3. The CFE classes that provide real world skills are making a big impact for our students! —CFE Lecturer 


4. I had accepted my job offer and wondered to myself, “Am I going into the right line of work, for me?” I’ve now realized that I should care more about what I want and what makes the people I love happy. I was glad for this class contributing to that shift in my thinking. —ENTR 550 Interpersonal Skills student


5. This course has been more than what I was looking for. Definitely more than what I was expecting. The outcomes of this class are going to stay with me forever. This came as a surprise to me when it happened with a non-engineering course. A good surprise in fact. —ENTR 550 Interpersonal Skills student


6. I think a big part of getting this new job was thanks to all the applicable skills I learned from your class. The course really taught me great strategies for project management that have made me very successful in all the positions I’ve had since then, and, a very competitive candidate during my application process. —ENTR 560 Project Management and Consulting student


7. We have had the pleasure to work with many of the student teams in the ENTR 599 class and I would have to say that your output has ranked at the top tier of those we have worked with in the past. —ENTR 599 Client (Steve Tokarz WMU – Tech Transfer OTPV project)


8. (CFE student intern) has tremendous skills and lots of internal drive, and they immediately jumped in and started making impact on important projects for us….they are willing to try tackling things that they’ve never worked on before, and that’s a really big criteria for being successful at a startup. —David Nesbitt, Director of Sales and Customer Success at SpellBound


9. The skills and exposure you pick up from this class, you can take and apply in an internship and to other classes. —ENTR 390.006 Design (and labs) student


10. Think of it like a TED talk that you get to ask questions at. —ENTR 407 E-Hour student


11. We’re learning from real entrepreneurs, which is awesome. —ENTR 410 Finding your Venture student


12. (CFE student)’s ability to contribute to the team immediately was obvious…—Richard Millunchik, Vice President at Shoptelligence 


13. Includes a lot of teamwork, allows you to learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and real-life simulations of your products. —ENTR 411 Practicum student


14. Hands on and a lot of discussion, [the instructor] does a fantastic job connecting students with entrepreneurs and employers. —ENTR 413 Marketing student


15. We are doing things that apply outside the academic environment and are building our skills to engage with the world in countless new ways. —ENTR 490.012 Urban Entrepreneurship student


16. I love this course! I couldn’t say enough good things about it. I have learned more in this 2 credit class than I have in most of my other classes. The instructor is very flexible and treats us like real people, which I really appreciate.  —ENTR 490.014 Org Mgmt in Startups student


17. Do take this course. I repeat “DO TAKE” this course. —ENTR 500 Intro to Innovation student


18. The class is taught by an entrepreneur, our main project is completed for a real client, and leadership skills learned in this class are applicable to any field of work. —ENTR 560 Project Mgmt & Consulting student


19. (CFE Student) was able to hit the ground running, picking up on our business much faster than I had anticipated.  I would welcome the opportunity to work with other program (CFE) students in the future. —Andrew Lynch, Director of Sales Development at Virtru


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