We love Halloween here at the CFE and we wanted to show our Halloween spirit for the holiday this month. It goes without saying that we also love entrepreneurship, so we wanted to give you a killer list of GIFs that express how those involved in our programs might feel at various points. ENJOY! 


When you realize all of the innovative opportunities you have here at U-M:


When you’re working really well with your team on your class project:


When you’re chatting with an advisor or mentor to help you figure out just how to advance your idea into reality:


When your grad research develops into a potential business opportunity:


How you might feel when your first prototype fails:


Then how you feel when you finally get your prototype or code to deploy/work properly:


The cheapest place you’re willing to stay for an out-of-town entrepreneurship conference:


When you hear potential investors might at the event you’re attending:


When you finish your first round of funding:


When you have put together your team and feel confident in your hiring:


Getting your first startup office space:


What you tell your competition when your idea launches:


No matter where you are in your journey, remember that the Center for Entrepreneurship has you back and to have a very happy and safe Halloween!

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