Spice up your transcript with a little ENTR

Backpacking is right around the corner, and this is how excited we are for our amazing fall class offerings!

Whether you’re interested in anything from creating a venture to learning the fundamentals of patent law, an ENTR class is the way to learn from industry icons and add valuable experience to both your transcript and resume

1. E-Commerce Entrepreneurship ENTR 390 Backpack Code 24591

In the eyes of many Americans today, online shopping is the best thing since sliced bread. Take a dive into the business side of E-Commerce with this useful 2 credit course! Covering everything from website creation to fulfillment logistics, this course is perfect for those interested in starting an online business.

2. Entrepreneurship Hour ENTR 407 Backpack Code 20293

If you love podcasts or TED Talks, this is the course for you. EHour is a weekly speaker series featuring a lecture from a new speaker each Friday. Ask questions, get answers, and learn from the successes of entrepreneurial pioneers.

3. Patent Law ENTR 408 Backpack Code 22550

You don’t have to go to Michigan Law School to learn about the legal profession! With this mini-course, you’ll learn the foundations of patent law including but not limited to: determining patentability, preventing infringement, and patents as business assets. It’s the perfect backpack addition for any pre-law student.

4. Interpersonal Skills ENTR 550 Backpack Code 25274

Have you ever wished that you had handled an argument differently? This class can  help provide you the tools to increase your self awareness, emotional intelligence, and build real-life communication skills for both your personal and professional life.

5. Project Management and Consulting ENTR 560 Backpack Code 30210

Take a step into the world of professional advice with this engaging 3 credit class! Explore the fundamentals of project management and consulting as you learn about everything from sales to scope. This versatile class is perfect for those interested in any variety of business or start-up internships in the future.

6. Creativity and Design ENTR 599.021 Backpack Code 27005

Got creative juices? In this class you’ll learn how to apply that mojo to the entrepreneurial world! Media and design plays a pivotal role in the success of any company, especially in the age of social media and viral communications. You’ll gain the skills to be an asset to any existing venture, startup, or team project.

7. Entrepreneurial Design Suite Lecture Lab ENTR 390.005  Backpack Code 25317

Get hands on with ENTR in this 3 credit, lecture and lab course! You’ll learn how to build physical and digital prototypes, hack, and 3D print. With exposure to cutting edge design solutions, you’ll be able to impress your family, classmates, and recruiters with these versatile, applicable skills.

8. Finding YOUR Venture ENTR  410 Backpack Code 26908

Interested in entrepreneurship but have no clue where to start? This course can help! Identify opportunities, get ideas, and learn from teachers with years of real world experience to kick-start your venture.

9. Innovation and Intellectual Property Strategy ENTR 530  Backpack Code 30810

In a world of online streaming, downloading, and digital assets, defining and protecting intellectual property (IP) is growing increasingly important. IP strategy is all around us. With this legal-focused course, you’ll learn everything from infringement risk reduction to preparing for litigation. Lawyer up!

10.  Organizational Management in Start-Ups ENTR 490  Backpack Code 26988

Teamwork is all around us! From the Super Bowl to the workplace, and everywhere in between, learning how to work with and build a team is essential. This fun, 2-credit course includes everything from field trips to starting your own start-up to teach you how to build a killer team.