ENTR Undergraduate Courses

The Center for Entrepreneurship undergraduate education supports students’ growth as entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers by offering exciting opportunities to create value, challenge status quo and develop new career possibilities. Students from nearly every major across The University engage in our immersive curricular community and work together to turn their ideas into tangible, impactful projects.

While traditional undergraduate coursework tends to focus more on theory-based learning with closed form practice and verification of skills, The CFE’s classes demand active participation in learning multiple skill-sets and perspectives. Increasingly significant challenges in the modern world are open-ended, and therefore require integration of many skills, areas of thought and approaches to problem-solving. We teach students how to identify these challenges and facilitate hands-on practice in developing solutions that are scalable and impactful.

ENTR courses at The CFE cover a wide range of topics, all taught by real entrepreneurs who teach from experience.

Program in Entrepreneurship/Minor in Entrepreneurship:

If you are currently enrolled in the Program in Entrepreneurship (PIE), a certificate program through the College of Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship, find program requirements here, or email centerforentrepreneurship@umich.edu with questions.  (Enrollment closed September ’15).

For information on the University-wide Entrepreneurship Minor (15 credits), head to innovateblue.umich.edu/academics.