ENTR 390.013 TechLab at Mcity

Course Overview

Students enrolled in the TechLab Independent Study class will be participating in sponsor company projects that advance their technology development. Each student team, divided by sponsoring company,  will be responsible for accomplishing an open-ended project (assigned by the company), and gain experience in developing cutting edge technology at an early stage startup.

The core rationale for the TechLab initiative is to provide students with a hands-on learning experience working with applied science in the process of progressing from the lab to full commercialization. This independent study provides a unique opportunity to not only explore coursework outside of a dedicated CoE program but also have direct contact and to work alongside peers, colleagues, and faculty across multiple disciplines.


What does the format of the class look like? 
Students are required to attend class every week. Class serves two purposes (1) Receive lectures from faculty on topics like business model and project management (2) Present weekly updates and ask for guidance relating to project roadblocks

When does class occur?
Tuesdays, 4-6PM

How will we interface with the companies? 
Generally, student teams have an hour-long weekly Skype or Google Hangout call with the company they are matched with. At different points during the semester, a company lead may travel to Ann Arbor to work with students.

How are students matched?
Students are matched with companies based on the proposed semester project.

How many hours will this require? 
To fit with U-M guidelines of 2-3 hours of work per credit hour, this course will require 8-10 hours outside of class.

How many & what type of credits do I earn?
3 general elective credits.

How will I know if I am selected?
Selected students will contacted via email by Monday, November 28th.

Fall 2017 Application Coming Soon…

Winter 2017

: An operating system, built for the high-bandwidth, high-compute requirements of fully autonomous driving. The system turns algorithms, sensors and actuators into plug and play applications, freeing developers of coding and allowing them to focus on user experience.

Looking for…

  • Electrical Engineers: controls & robotics experience for development of the feedback of control algorithms
  • Computer Science Engineers: software development, including items such as configuration management
  • Mechanical Engineers: systems design and integration

Desired skills: C, C++, Python, systems design, robotics & controls,  software development

Civil Maps: 3-D mapping technology for fully autonomous vehicles to drive anywhere smoothly and safely. Through artificial intelligence and vehicle-based local processing, Civil Maps converts sensor data into meaningful map information built specifically to direct driverless vehicles.

Looking for…

  • Electrical & Computer Engineers: systems engineer with CS background, machine vision

Desired skills: EECS 463 (Power System Design & Operation), 461 (Embedded Control Systems), 438 (Advanced Lasers & Optics Lab), C, C++, Python, machine vision

Zendrive: Improving driver safety through measuring actions such as acceleration, braking, swerving, and phone use. Instead of utilizing a device that plugs into a dashboard to acquire these data points, the company uses smartphones.

Looking for…

  • Electrical Engineers: signal processing experience
  • Computer Science Engineers: machine learning, AI focus, mobile phone software
  • Mechanical Engineers: design approach

Desired skills: C, C++, Python, machine learning, signal processing

Navya: An electric, intelligent and autonomous shuttle at the service of mobility. Launched in October 2015, NAVYA is a 100% electric and autonomous transport vehicle.

Looking for…

  • Computer & Electrical Engineers: image processing, Lidar, algorithmic knowledge, sensor data experience
  • Mechanical Engineers: machine vision, design approach

Desired skills: C++, sensor data, image processing, strong mathematical and sensor data experience, preferred French language competency