The University of Michigan’s TechLab at Mcity is an incubator for early-stage mobility companies in the connected and autonomous vehicle industry. The incubator places a heavy emphasis on student learning by matching emerging transportation startups with students interested in applying classroom learning to practical technology development. As a part of the incubator program, companies receive access to student interns, U-M experts, and resources including the Mcity Test Facilty–the nation’s leading mobility research and urban test facility on U-M’s North Campus.

TechLab is managed by U-M Center for Entrepreneurship, in partnership with Mcity.




Accepted students participate in sponsor company projects. Each student team is responsible for accomplishing an open-ended project and gains experience in developing cutting edge technology at an early stage startup. This independent study provides a unique opportunity to not only explore coursework outside of a dedicated CoE program but also have direct contact and to work alongside peers, colleagues, and faculty across multiple disciplines.


The Fall 2017 application is closed. We will begin accepting applications in early November. 



As an incubator for early-stage development of mobility technologies, TechLab is a learning opportunity for our engineering students. We believe in this model of applied learning as a key driver for innovation. As a part of the TechLab program, companies receive access to expert mentorship, the nation’s leading test facility and invaluable connections in the region that is driving a revolution toward mainstream connected and driverless transportation.


The Fall 2017 application is closed. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor companies for future semesters, please email techlab-mcity@umich.edu.


How will I know if I am selected?
Only selected students will contacted via email.
How will students interface with the companies?
Generally, student teams have an hour-long weekly Skype or Google Hangout call with the company they are matched with. At different points during the semester, a company lead may travel to Ann Arbor to work with students.
I am a _________ student, can I apply?
Currently, TechLab is only open to College of Engineering undergraduate students. We are working towards being able to accept Masters students.

Depending on the experience that a student has, even an incoming freshman could be selected to participate. Due to the nature of the program, it is highly competitive. If you are not accepted for the upcoming semester, we definitely recommend reapplying for future semesters.

What does the format of the class look like?
Class is on Tuesdays from 4-6PM. Students are required to attend class every week. Class serves two purposes (1) Receive lectures from faculty on topics like business model and project management (2) Present weekly updates and ask for guidance relating to project roadblocks

To fit with U-M guidelines of 2-3 hours of work per credit hour, this course will require 8-10 hours outside of class.

How many & what type of credits do I earn?
3 general elective credits. You have to be eligible to receive all 3 credits.

*Note: EECS students can use this course as a flexible technical credit. We are working to get this approved within other departments. 


What do companies receive access to?

Upon being accepted into the incubator program, companies are paired with a team of 3-4 engineering students. As a part of TechLab, you also receive access to the Mcity Test Facility– the nation’s leading mobility research and urban test facility on U-M’s North Campus.

What type of companies are you looking for?

We are looking for early-stage technology companies in the autonomous and connected vehicle industry. The typical TechLab company is one that has already raised > $5M dollars and has more than 15 employees. This guarantees that we are working with globally leading companies that are well on their way and have the management capability to oversee and contribute to projects in a substantial way.

How does our company apply?

All companies are required to submit a proposal. If you are interested in being considered for this incubator program, please email techlab-mcity@umich.edu.

Who owns any IP that is developed?
Existing intellectual property of technology startups, and an IP developed using the U-M facilities, will be strictly protected and remain with your company. All students are required to sign a NDA.


New York City, NY



San Francisco, CA



Portland, OR



San Jose, CA




Detroit, MI

Civil Maps

Civil Maps

San Francisco, CA

Fall 2016-Winter 2017



Villeurbanne, France

Fall 2016-Winter 2017


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