Brian Hayden

Undergraduate Lecturer

President of HeatSpring Learning Institute, Founder, Campus

Bio: Brian practices what he teaches. He is the CEO at fitness technology startup, ShapeLog. ShapeLog makes the world’s best strength trackers, and the software to help you train better. Their patented platform learns about you over time, and uses data to provide a better strength training experience.

Brian previously founded HeatSpring, an education technology company, with a team of fellow MBA students at Babson College in 2007. He ran the company for nine years, making the transition from Boston to Ann Arbor in 2012. He has three kids, a wife, but no dog and loves connecting with anybody who’s starting or running a business they love.


Courses Taught: Brian’s course, “Finding Your Venture” takes a unique approach to helping students launch a venture at some point in their career. The course introduces students to b-to-b opportunities that students typically ignore, and prioritizes finding a good customer over having a great idea.

ENTR 410.001 – Finding Your Venture