Brandon McNaughton

Undergraduate Lecturer

President and Co-Founder, Akadeum Life Sciences

Bio: As a tech entrepreneur, scientist and inventor, Brandon McNaughton has devoted his career to adding value to early-stage technology development and startup companies. He has founded two high-tech startups—serving as CTO at the venture capital-backed diagnostic company, called Life Magnetics, Inc. Life Magnetics was founded to commercialize a new biosensor product that was spun out of the University of Michigan (UM).

He currently works with startup teams for the UM Venture Center at the Office of Technology Transfer and continues research and development work in life science and diagnostics at the UM Emergency Medicine Department. McNaughton also teaches Entrepreneurship at UM.

In previous roles, including being a research faculty member in Biomedical Engineering at UM, he formed and led interdisciplinary teams, ranging from clinicians to scientists, to accomplish award-winning research and value-added milestones for technology development.

McNaughton’s formal training is in applied physics, earning a PhD from UM in 2007. In addition to receiving extensive training in organizational management, he was also in the Translational Scholar Program at the Michigan Institute for Clinical Health Research, where he gained clinical exposure to in vitro diagnostic devices and procedures.


Courses Taught:

ENTR 411.003 – Entrepreneurship Practicum