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Run for Social Innovation

I really appreciate the work The Good Gym does–by matching runners with less mobile populations this UK based organization leverages existing resources for social impact.

Social Change Agent looking for a world changing opportunity?

Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times reporter is returning to Africa this summer and is looking for a University student to accompany him on an all-expenses paid reporting trip. You will be reporting–not just traveling.
Deadline for applications: January 18, 2011
for more info, visit:

Intro to Social E Final Presentations, Pt 2

Mobile Eyes

Eye care as a critical need in the Bryant community since low-income Bryant residents in need of eye care often cannot afford it, usually due to lack of insurance, limited insurance, or insufficient earnings. In addition, Bryant residents, particularly children, may not be aware that they need eye care. The goal of MobilEyes is to improve the overall quality of life of Bryant residents by raising awareness about eye care issues and connecting them to affordable resources that improve their vision. We will provide free vision screenings to the community in order to raise awareness and identify residents in need of eye care.

Mobile Eyes from Moses Lee on Vimeo.

Trace Data

The Bryant Community Center is an essential hub to the sustainability and future development of Bryant Community. It currently wastes time and resources in collecting data on its food distribution program. Trace Database is working to automate database collection and standardize it for many different non-profit agencies that distribute food on a regular basis. The team hopes to partner with food banks and government agencies to develop and distribute its database product. Ultimately, Trace Database’s personalized database systems will allow non-profits to leverage grant money more effectively with organized data findings related to their services.

Trace Data from Moses Lee on Vimeo.

Intro to Social E Final Presentations, Pt 1

We will be posting our students’ final presentations on this blog over the next few weeks. Check back regularly to view them! Our first two:


To both encourage further education and goal-setting, Innocube Labs has developed a product that makes learning fun, engaging, and lasting. With Snapbox!, students will be provided with hands-on activities for children to experience a “snapshot” of a professional occupation that they are interested in, such as a doctor or detective.

Snapbox from Moses Lee on Vimeo.

Bryant Community Chefs
The “Community Chef Program” aims to create a healthy, community-based food culture in the Bryant community.

Bryant Community Chefs from Moses Lee on Vimeo.

Social Venture Creation Practicum Update

Our Social Venture Creation Practicum course is entirely full. In 2011, we will be working to launch 10 unique social ventures (up from 4), spanning from a domestic-based venture selling recycled clothing made by women in Detroit  to a global maternal and infant health device manufacturing venture.

We also have a more interdisciplinary cohort of students.  In addition to students from engineering, LS&A, and business, we’ve added students from social work, information, medicine, and art & design.

Can’t wait to see what we create this semester!

Money for Your Social Ventures

Here are some opportunities to raise funds for your social venture in 2011.

Stand up for what you’re working towards

As our class prepares to introduce their innovations to the Bryant Community in a

public meeting on December 16, team members stood up in the jam packed studio space

to test their public oratory and inspire their peers.

Intro to Social E Class Highlighted in

Read: University of Michigan social entrepreneurship class allows students to combine learning with helping

Streamlining Data for Food Access

Working with Derrick Miller, director of the Bryant Community Center in Ann Arbor, our Data team has identified a dizzying process of paperwork that makes receiving and reporting for everyone–food banks, providers, administrators and guests–cumbersome and time consuming, inefficient and frustrating.

Our student teams  in Design for Change/An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship have been working with staff and residents of the Bryant neighborhood for just over a month now and are gearing up for a big presentation of innovations on December 16. The Data team has recognized that with minimal staffing and maximal demand, the Community Center’s ability to serve and report back to its providers is challenging to say the least, and are designing a swipe-able system with the ability to track guests and use, and output reports. With the extra time and increased efficiency, staff and residents can ideally look forward to spending more time enjoying their food and less time waiting to fill out forms about it.

Apply Today: Social Venture Creation Practicum Course

Course: Social Venture Creation Practicum (ENGR 490.009)

Description: Have you designed an innovative solution that can make a significant social impact if implemented?  If you and your team would like to explore how to bring your social innovation to market, you should enroll in Social Venture Creation. In this course, you will take steps to launch and implement a social innovation. By the end of this course, student teams submit an implementation plan and make a presentation on a social innovation to a panel of industry experts and potential funders. The course heavily applies a human centric design thinking framework and process. The hope is that the students will be able to implement innovations that can make real, long-lasting social impact. Open to all disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate level. By application only.  (Note: If you do not have a social innovation idea, you can still apply into the class and join an interdisciplinary team)

Checkout a company that launched from this course last year:

Course: ENGR 490.009 (By Application Only)

Time: Fridays 10-12pm | Winter 2011

Credits: 3

More Info: Contact Amy Goldstein ( or visit:

Apply here: