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Apply to the Practicum

The Entrepreneurship Practicum seeks to be an innovative, action-based learning lab where University of Michigan students come together to work on entrepreneurial endeavors. Students form interdisciplinary teams around impact driven ideas and take steps to launch them through venture creation.

The most important learning objective of this course is that you understand the entrepreneurial mindset and process. You will not be graded on whether or not you actually launch a venture and there is no penalty for discovering that an initial idea is not workable. The ability to adapt or pivot is a fundamental entrepreneurial skill.

By the end of this course, student teams submit a concept paper and make a detailed presentation on their progress to a panel of industry experts and potential funders. The course heavily applies an anthropological design thinking framework and process.

The practicum is unique in that it guides students through the process of transforming an innovative idea into a viable business. Students can enter the practicum with their own idea for a new startup venture, or they can enter as an individual and form a team around another student’s idea.

The practicum is offered in the Fall and Winter terms. This course requires a significant time commitment and is heavy on teamwork and creativity. In addition to attending class weekly, you should expect 9-12 hours of course/project work outside of the classroom per week.

Enrollment in the practicum is by application only. Applications are accepted leading up to the registration period for each semester.

Note: We are currently unable to offer practicum credit for startup internships. On rare occasion, a Program in Entrepreneurship student can petition to use an independent study in place of the practicum.